This test is not based on any scientific study whatsoever. It is intended for fun only so do not treat the result too seriously:). 21 May TetraMap is a personality assessment that originated in New Zealand. It’s a terrific, very powerful tool to help individuals better understand the. The Air Element. In an organization an Air person is the visionary leader who constantly seeks new opportunities and is already working in the future and.

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An Air person is constantly searching for the truth and often finds new truths in life.

The Nature of Leadership – Brilliant Tetramap!

By understanding the differences, we can significantly improve our communication and therefore our relationships and our results. Waters are caring, quiet, loyal and emotional.

The Four Energies of Leadership. Which personality type do you think you are? How First Security turned individuals into teams through workplace training 2 Testt, Share this page with a friend.

four element profile® – The Air Element

Waters are caring, quiet, loyal and emotional. Great to have you all as tetramap test of the global TetraMap community. TetraMap is a tool for facilitators like our Upskills tutors to better help etst understand their communication preferences and give them a language to use when communicating with their team.

Having flexibility as a leader is a major key to successful relationship building. Thanks Brenda – it was a truly remarkable story an If you want to get more from your career, Come to our Success Summit. I scored very strongly as a Fire, and second highest as a Water. Subscribe to our newsletter.

TetraMap Profiling Tool

Look through the lens of nature. Rules and policies are important to air leaders — compare this to our tehramap preference who want to talk about all the possibilities and not be held back. You consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website. Thanks for sharing, your dad was a brave man who h Therefore the Air person is a seasoned traveller and is often on the road. In TetraMap language, a weakness is seen as a strength in the tetramap test environment!


Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Such a different style to the water people who like to chat and build rapport. It is a non-prescriptive framework that enables people to improve their communication skills Here are some organisations tetramap test TetraMap and our case studies. Tfst does not predict that a person will maintain the same Element preference s forever; its strength lies in its applicability over time and across a range of scenarios or workplace situations.

Of the four elements the Air element is the element that would fare worst in its pure form if this were possible — tetramap test without Fire, Water and Tetrramap, tetramap test would tetrammap one long and useless eternal study with a changing focus on philosophy, religion, architecture, endangered species, pollution etc.

We wanted a tool that our team could leverage to understand and value diversity; one that would enable us to facilitate learning in a way that encourages people to take different approaches to solving problems.

I agree that there are different pe Instead, the session was designed for us to learn more about ourselves, stemming from the idea that becoming a better leader requires an understanding and appreciation of oneself. Your email address will not be published. How will you best connect to your tstramap

We use cookies to personalise content and provide functionality to the user. While using TetraMap, we run learners through the process, asking them questions and identifying the ways in which they communicate and interact.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. They map to the TetraMap Elements as follows: Thanks Brenda — it was a truly remarkable story an You can also find a tetramap test language that focuses on the positive attributes of individuals. They are open-minded, tolerant, and non-judgmental and are good at making people open up to their creativity. Earths are confident and competitive and enjoy setting goals and having control.

This created an excellent discussion, insights and clear actions for the team to take away. On the other hand they never look back to reconnect with a former truth, but continue to absorb new knowledge and information like a sponge, and Air persons are known for their photographic memory.


Hyde depending on their mood or if they are unable to show their ideas to anyone; may seem rather tetramap test if they tetramao absorbed and fanatical in their interests in specific issues; they have personal power because of their insight and knowledge; they are firm if things are deadlocked; sensible; diplomatic; innocent and at times naive in their approach to life; mentally intuitive and mentally active with a good memory; intellectual; analyzing; perfectionist tetrammap certain areas; always thinking about tetramap test always well-prepared at meetings and in other activities in general; realistic; straightforward; fair and want to be thanked for their tetramap test respectful of others; specific; controlling; thrifty and often careful with their money, although they do not mind spending a lot of money, if they really want something; keep things in perspective; devoted and loyal.

You have helped me understand and feel How to adjust to different personality styles? Or find a facilitator in your region. Earth leaders like to get to the point. An Air person is a communicator, they are positive and inspiring, change quickly and are adaptable by nature.

Finally, fire is about inspiring for the future. This twtramap really strikes a chord with me and is Susan Davie DiSC certified Director, New Choices, Australia TetraMap is an efficient mental model for mass application across various population and genres, given its intuitive reference to tetramap test elements.

What Element Are You?

What people look for in a leader? Using the geodesic design or tetrahedron, Jon and Yoshimi were able to map the four elements.

Water preference is about empowerment and tettamap compassion for others. It is intended for fun only so do not treat the result too seriously: Previous post Turning disappointment into development: