This is the second Bhashya which Bhagavan Adi Shankaracharyaji wrote on Kenopanishad. In it he focuses on the mantras as a whole as opposed to each. Kenopanishad verses before explained what is not the knowledge of God. In this verse Kenopanishad explains what is the state of Bliss. केनोपनिषत् (संस्कृत एवं हिन्दी अनुवाद): Kenopanishad. Item Code: NZI Cover: Paperback. Edition: Publisher: Chaukhamba Surbharati.

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The ear derives its power of hearing from Brahman only, its source.

Kenopanishad Lecture Series in Tamil by Swami Suprajnananda (Audio)

The text is likely from about the middle of 1st millennium BCE. He, in whom it [Atman-Brahman] awakes, knows it and finds immortality That he is itself, gives him strength That he knows it, gives immortality.

Johnston states, as does the Hindu scholar Adi Shankarathat this simple story is loaded with symbolism. Disciples sit devotedly round the preceptor for instructions: One is called Kenopani ad Padabh ya and the other is Kenopani ad V kyabh ya.

Brahman is within speech and directs speech. It has an unusual structure where the first 13 are verses composed as a metric poem, followed by 15 prose paragraphs of main text plus 6 prose paragraphs of epilogue. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Brahman asked, “if so, what is the source of your power”. One becomes immortal by renouncing all desires. In Nirvikalpa Samadhi, when all mental modifications merge in Brahman, there is no witness. You will be informed as and when your kenopabishad is viewed.

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This Atman is Brahman or Bhuma infinite or the unconditional. Let kenopanishadd the virtues recited by the Upanishads repose in me, delighting in the Atman! It was then that with Tapovan maharaj’s blessings, he left the Himalayas to teach the world the knowledge of Vedanta throughout the world.


Knowledge of Brahman has a firm basis only in those persons who possess self-restraint and who do Tapas. We know not, we understand not, how one would teach it?

Audible Download Audio Books. The soul of man is the Atman.

Prana and senses borrow their light and power from the Atman. The mind is the head-clerk. What cannot be seen by the eyes, but by which the eyes are able to see know that alone as Brahman.

Hide my email address. Brahman cannot be seen by the eyes, as it is not an object kenopanishxd perception. Goddess Uma replied, “that is the Brahman; that is the one who obtained victory, though gods praise themselves for it”.

Delivery and Returns see our delivery rates and policies thinking of returning an item? Liberation at Hand Real strength comes only through knowledge of the Self. Brahman leads Prana up and Apana down.

There is the real war inside between the good tendencies and the evil tendencies, between Sattva and Rajas and Tamas, between the lower impure mind and the higher pure mind. Devas themselves are allegorical reference to sensory and intellectual capabilities of man, with the war symbolizing challenges a man faces in his journey through life. To define Brahman is to deny Brahman. Brahman is eternal, pure self-luminous, undecaying, existence-absolute, knowledge-absolute and bliss-absolute.

Subject and object are one in spiritual experience. Knowledge dawns in men by the destruction of evil actions. Then all doubts and delusion will vanish. Brahman is known or realised not as an object but as pure self-consciousness through intuitive or direct inner experience or illumination.


Then alone does the comprehension of objects become perfect and complete. Who is the director of the mind?

Summary of Kenopanishad, Second Chapter – From Kenopanishad

It has four kha as sectionsthe first two in verse and the other two in prose. Sent by whomflies out thither the mind? Just as the water in a cup borrows its heat from the sun or the fire, so also the mind. Who is the Deva kenopaishad, god that harnesses the ears and eyes? He sees only Brahman everywhere. The knower of Brahman attains liberation while living Jivanmukti.

Chinmayananda stayed with Tapovan maharaj until the very end of 8 years.

Kena Upanishad – Wikipedia

The epilogue in Kena Upanishad is contained in last six paragraphs of the text. One cannot jump on one’s own shoulders. Intuitive Realisation of Truth This mission serves Swami Chinmayananda’s vision of reinvigorating India’s rich cultural heritage, and making Vedanta accessible to everybody regardless of age, nationality, or religious background.

Brahman is the speech of speech, the tongue of tongue. Those who are endowed with a pure and subtle intellect can easily grasp the subtle ideas of the Upanishads. Anything perceived by the senses and conceived by the mind cannot be Brahman. Thank you for great service in the past. What speech does not enlighten, but what enlightens speech, know that alone to be Brahman. Chinmayananda wanted to make eknopanishad pure knowledge available to all people of all backgrounds, even though Tapovan Maharaj had advised against it.