Methuen Community Youth Center, Board of Directors; Amvets Post #, Haverhill, Life Member; Member, Holy Family Hospital Men’s Guild; Member, Methuen. 22 Mar Mayor James Jajuga is suing Valley Patriot owner and publisher Thomas Duggan for defamation. 10 Aug Mayor James Jajuga has faced increasing dissension and scrutiny over his first seven months in office. That began at his first City Council.

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I think the City Council standing firm and not backing down from their original vote should be the primary focus right now. So what changed over those two months to cause such a drastic change?

He sponsored the anti-stalking law enacted in and the law requiring that the police confiscate firearms from those under a domestic violence restraining order. jajua

James Jajuga

Despite all that, many of the citizens we talked to were still giving him the benefit of the doubt. Residents have started to get more vocal asking for Jajuga to be recalled or to resign, including signs held by protestors at the Aug.

Three members of the Community Development Board resigned after being directed to drop the lawsuit and reach a settlement over the density of development on the Sweetheart Inn property.

First, residents would have to create a paper stating their intent to recall Jajuga and state the reasons for the recall effort. In addition, former Senator Jajuga made the prevention of domestic violence one of his top priorities in the Senate. Then, the group would need to gather signatures from 50 percent of the registered voters who voted in the municipal election — roughly 2, signatures, but experts say the group would likely need double that many to make sure that the correct number can be certified.

By Tim Wood on August 10, Share on:.

Residents Call For Jajuga Recall, But Is It Truly Possible? | Loop Weekly

He is married to Paula Pagliuso Jajuga and has two children: Sources tell Loop Weekly that there is a group organizing with a candidate in mind to run against Jajuga and with hopes to have the required signatures turned in to trigger a recall election in conjunction with Election Day in November. He had also served on the Senate Special Committee on Redistricting.


Residents hold up their protest signs during a rally held Aug. By Tim Wood on August 10, Mayor James Jajuga has faced increasing dissension and scrutiny over his first seven months in office. In a poll taken via in-person questions at three locations on June 2, only 12 percent of the residents polled supported a recall election. Once the signatures are certified and City Council gives written notice to Jajuga, he would be given five days to respond.

Of total responses, 94 percent of those polled support a recall of Jajuga. He was also awarded the prestigious George Hanna Medal of Honor in for his heroic action and disregard for his own safety when he single-handedly disarmed and arrested a dangerous gunman in Haverhill.

Many of those asked said they were trying to give the Mayor time to lead, but that his proposed deal with the Superior Officers Association that would give the group 25 percent raises over two years and his bullying demeanor at meetings were contributing factors. He publicly took the side of Brox Industries, a paving company based in Dracut, over Regency at Methuen residents and the vote of the City Council in a dispute over truck usage of Wheeler Street. His decision to bring on public works consultant Frank McCann, the former Lawrence DPW chief who was suspended for alleged wrongdoing and pleaded the fifth in a corruption trial of former Lawrence Chief of Staff Leonard Degnan.

Krzysztof Jajuga | CFA Institute

Jimmy, age 23 and Matthew, age Later, he walked jaujga of a City Council meeting before public participation focused on the school budget, drawing the ire of school parents.


He has taken constant chiding from the City Council for continued lack of communication, despite his promises to communicate better than his predecessor.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Jajjga email address will not be hajuga. If he does not resign, the City Clerk would organize an election vote to be scheduled within 45 to 60 days. As a member of the State Senate for almost 11 years, former Senator Jajuga pursued an ambitious legislative agenda that included halting the proliferation of drugs in our communities, reducing crime, increasing aid to education, eliminating welfare abuse and improving the economic stability of the Commonwealth.

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That began at his first City Council meeting, when one of his first actions was to increase the pay scale for his office staff. We asked the same question online August via in-person polling and online.

Residents Call For Jajuga Recall, But Is It Truly Possible?

No group will ever agree with every decision, every politician takes office knowing that. It began as a jaiuga discussion on social media, the type of discussion that most elected officials face.

Your email address will not be published. But the biggest change appeared to happen soon after the Aug. Secretary Jajuga, age 53, was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts and currently resides in Methuen.

A large number of the folks we talked to hold a jajugw opinion to resident Jade Jalbert. In the article, Jajuga said he would pay the police union based off his deal, despite majority opposition from the Council and overwhelming public opposition to the deal.

Secretary Jajuga comes to this new challenge with over 30 years of experience in the public safety field.