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ISO/IEC specifies the power and signal structures, and information exchange between an integrated circuit card and an interface device such as a. ISO/IEC was prepared by Joint Technical Committee ISO/IEC JTC 1, Information technology, Subcommittee SC 17, Cards and personal identification. ISO Integrated Circuit Card Digital Controller. Page Content. ​​The ISO Integrated Circuit Card (ICC) Digital Controller is a fully integrated.

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The format character TO provides information necessary to interpret the remaining answer to reset characters. The loaded data may contain, for example, code, keys and applets. It gives the identifier, name, description, format, coding and layout of each DE and defines the means of retrieval of DEs from the card.

The priority of testing for asynchronous or synchronous cards is not defined in this standard. Each character includes an 8bit byte. For this 716-3 protocol a command may be initiated by either the IFD or the ICC albeit within the restrictions of the protocol.

During the Answer to Reset, the delay between the start leading edges of two consecutives characters from the card shall not exeed etu. The historical characters designate general information, for example, the card manufacturer, the chip inserted in the card, the masked ROM in the chip, the state of the life of the card.

Bit b2 set to 0 is the default and indicates that no extra guardtime is required. These operations are specified in the following subclauses. This allows the use of a block error detection code EDC and the ability to re-transmit blocks that are subject to some error condition. The use of 4 bits restricts the maximum size of the historical character field to 15 bytes.

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TA1 codes FI over the most significant half byte b8 to b5 and DI over the least significant half byte b4 to b1.

ISO 7816-3 Integrated Circuit Card Digital Controller

The answer to reset is at most 33 characters including the initial character and consists of 5 fields. Structure of TS, the initial character ————————————— The initial character TS provides a bit shynchronisation sequence and defines the conventions to code data bytes in all subsequent characters.

The following five values are defined: This maximum is named initial waiting time. The proposed revisions to the standard may alter this situation.

The transmission protocol associated to the protocol type may be started immediately after the transmission of answer to reset.

ISO/IEC 7816

According to its abstract, it specifies a card application. Historical characters Optional – TCK The most significant bit b8 equals to 0. Two possible states exists for VPP: The proposed revision defines a new use for the TA2 interface byte which has a special role in the selection of communication protocols and parameters.

7816–3 An alternate measurement of etu is a third of the delay between the first two falling edges in TS. Interface character [ codes N ] TDi: Created inupdated inamended inupdated in The interface device may choose to operate by using the first indicated protocol after the answer to reset and by using the default values of F and D. The first clock pulse is applied between 10us and us t14 after the falling edge on RST to read the 781-3 bits from the card.


The idle state shall be maintained by the interface device unless the active state is required. The PTS command must be issued immediately after the answer to reset and only applies when the IC card is in the negotiable mode.

The historical characters may be used to convey information relating to the life cycle of the card. For internal clock cards: The numerical meaning corresponding to each information bit considered in isolation is that of the digit.

These bytes are sent from the ICC to the interface device on completion of the command to indicate the current card status. Introduction To Smart Cards – Page 3. If bit b2 is set to 1, the card shall use an extra guardtime of 12 etu for its transmssion of characters to the interface device.

Invia | ISO Analog Front End

According to its abstract, it specifies interindustry commands for integrated circuit cards either with contacts or without contacts that may be used for cryptographic operations. This clause defines the structure and processing of commands initiated by an interface device for transmission control and for card specific control in an asynchronous half duplex character transmission protocol.

PI2 from 50 to gives the value of P in 0. The interface bytes which are optional are defined in figure