VOHRA COMMITTEE REPORT (Ministry of Home Affairs) The Committee was desired to submit its Report within 3 months. Bombay in March 19 Dec The Government set up the N. N. Vohra Committee in July and Others versus Union of India, referred to the Vohra Committee report. 12 Nov Where are crucial records related to the NN Vohra committee report, constituted to probe links among organised criminals, mafia and.

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However, the file notings made by the then PM and FM should still be available on file and citizens may file RTIs to obtain copies of these documents. Reprt in the age of addictions Binge-watching movies, obsessive dieting and other extreme behaviours are creating both an opportunity and The latest round of debate on the aforementioned TV news channel focuses on the alleged Annexures to the Vohra Committee report which was not shared with Parliament.

However the report tabled in Parliament was only pages long. Many other Congress leaders have also been listed as recipients of money from Shah. In mid, when the N.

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His father migrated to Bombay and tried his hand at the textile business. Buy Investors with a short-term perspective can buy the stock of Manappuram Finance at current levels. The Committee after considering the matter presented its report to the Government of India which laid it before both Houses of Parliament on 1 August It also confirms that Choksi had “developed closeness” with Dawood and his gang way back in Now it looks like another political tinderbox, awaiting ignition.


The Report, the supporting material upon which it is based and the unequivocal assistance of all existing intelligence agencies must be forwarded to this body.

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Choksi is said to have paid another instalment of Rs 5 crore around May to Pawar. Patil, 193 Khan Khan Brothers: But even after the direction, the department, where it has been transferred to, has responded that it only has the report but no annexures or note sheets are available.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: IMF shapes new global financial architecture. How many copies of the Report were prepared? Incidentally, the text of the report itself is not accessible on any official website of the Government of India.

Over the years criminals had been elected to local bodies, State Assemblies and Parliament. The month cumulative scheme under Dhanvruddi offers 9 per cent interest. According to Agrawal, the Home Ministry continues to maintain that there are no Annexures to the Vohra Committee report. Some documents submitted to the committee by the Ministry of Home Affairs MHA and procured by Outlook reveal shocking charges commlttee the murky link between prominent politicians and the underworld.

Investors with a short-term perspective can buy the reportt of Manappuram Finance at current levels. However, the text of the judgement records some very interesting facts. Changes in the legal system, simplification of the procedure and dispensation of quick justice. It is important to consider the fact that the report was drawn up nearly two decades ago, and even then it was clear that corruption had struck deep roots.

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ICICI puts steel cos on notice. The first is the dispute about the actual length of the Vohra Committee report.

You are commenting using your WordPress. In this transaction, say the documents, “Choksi delivered an amount of Rs 10 crore to the nephew of Sharad Pawar.

The Enforcement Directorate and the Marine and Preventive Wing of the Customs, Bombay, also registered cases against Choksi in and respectively. A part of Dawood’s operations were based in Gujarat, particularly along the coast.

The Comittee report also lists politi-cians from the state who had links with ccommittee underworld. Chavan, to look into the whole gamut of criminal-politician nexus and the related issue of declaration of assets and liabilities by the Members of Parliament and Ministers. He was arrested on November 30,in connection with one of the cases but was immediately released on bail.

Reportedly, the above amounts were paid for election purposes”. As the Internet alters the grammar of cooking, a look at food in times of Insta, and when it rises as a