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UC UC Sealed Lead-Acid Battery Charger. FEATURES. •. Optimum Control for Maximum. Battery Capacity and Life. •. Internal State Logic Provides. Operating Temperature, 0°C ~ 70°C (TA). Package / Case, DIP (“, mm). Supplier Device Package, PDIP. Base Part Number, UC Texas Instruments UC PMIC – Battery Chargers parts available at DigiKey.

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The result is a series of mA current pulses varying in width and duty cycle to provide an average current just high enough to maintain the battery in a fully charged condition.

This is known as the absorption mode, sometimes called the overcharge mode. Let’s key the transmitter again, but this time keep it cu3906 until the battery voltage drops below Got any other way i can indicate my bulk charge. When the current has been off for four seconds, the charger reads the battery voltage. This thread has been locked.

Intelligent 1Ah – 55Ah Battery Charger Circuit UC3906

Electronic Fuse Circuit for Power Supply Electronic circuit current fuse is welcome especially in structures of power resources and in particular in power assembled circuits.

The charger circuit is equipped with a special integrated circuit UC, which can check the battery status in each charging cycle.

LT solar battery charger. Mar 27, 5: If the potential is Now I can leave my K2 connected to the charger at all times and be assured that its internal battery is fully charged and ready to go at a moment’s notice.


Sealed lead acid is charged at a bulk voltage of If you use the Convertabox, be sure to add some ventilation holes directly above the board-mounted heat sink. U1 should be mounted to a heat sink with suitable electrically insulated but thermally conductive mounting hardware uc39006 avoid short circuits. I soon discovered that most three-mode chargers work by sensing current and were never intended to charge a battery under load.

One is an integrated circuit UC, which is used in this structure charger. Apr uc39066, 2: Three-mode chargers begin the battery charging process by applying a voltage to uc3960 battery through a mA current limiter.

During the following procedure, be sure to adjust the voltage with the kc3906 supply connected to the charger at J2 because the charger loads the test-voltage supply and causes the voltage to drop a little when it’s connected. TI, its suppliers and providers of content reserve the right to make corrections, deletions, modifications, enhancements, improvements and other changes to the content and materials, its products, programs and services at any time or to move or discontinue any content, products, programs, or services without notice.

TI is a global semiconductor design and manufacturing company.

These phases will be described in detail in the next section and Table Tab. The test voltage should now read When the K2 transmitter is keyed, it draws about 2 to 3 A from the battery. First, let’s look at the situation where a UCcontrolled charger is in absorption mode and you turn on the K2 receiver, applying a load.

Why do you use pin 10 uc306 of pin 13?

UC battery charger controller. Ask a related question What is a related question? It pulls the trigger input pin 2 of U2 -to 0 V, causing its output to go to 12 V. After experiencing premature failure of the battery in my Elecraft PALK2 transceiver most likely because I forgot to keep the battery on a regular charge scheduleI began searching for an automatic battery charger.


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D3 should turn red for approximately four seconds, then turn green. The voltage at the pot arm should now be adjustable from 9 to 18 V. At this point, the charger switches to the absorption mode.

Ask a related question Ask a new question. If the voltage is still above Skip to main content. To test the circuit, wait at least four seconds, then gradually reduce the test voltage until D3 turns green. This results in drying the gelled electrolyte and shortening the battery’s service life. R13 can be a single-turn or a multiturn pot. So, why this concern about overcharging an SLA battery? Yc3906 is the circuit i use but the problem i facing is the bulk and float led is on at the same time when power is on.

The circuit is placed in a housing DIL Comments What type of Lead Acid is this designed for? Therefore, it is preferable to use an electronic fuse which is of the order of up to a hundred times faster, and in particular can be set current constraints from the smallest streams jc3906 into the load. When U I is on and supplying current to the battery, D3 is green.