should have added an interview with Studs. Terkel, who performed a heroic job of work working. People Talk About What They. Do All Day and How They. Working has ratings and reviews. lola said: like any studs terkel book, you start off like wow, everyone has a story and then pages later. 12 Jun Studs Terkel. For better or worse, the world that Studs Terkel captured forty years ago in his brilliant oral history of American workers, Working.

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Anyone who doesn’t “believe” in the mafia knows nothing of recent US history–Teamsters etc. And perhaps my favorite line, from a woman stuck in what she considered a menial, meaningless job: Working depicts a time just before great changes happened in the workplace — changes that no one in the book predicted.

I think that in today’s climate of reality TV and everyone trying to workinh their story or seek their “15 minutes” that the interviews for this book couldn’t have been done with the un-selfconsciousness with which they were done plus years ago. This book pulls back the veil on such prejudices and lets people speak for themselves about their field of employment.

It is also, incidentally, insanely useful source ma This book was to some degree a political gesture when it was written–a radical reassessment of which lives are worth documenting and which voices worth being heard–but it would be a shame to read it that way. Preview — Working by Studs Terkel. Being a Terkel fan wogking and much influenced by Dad’s tastes, I read this collection of interviews during the winter break from college after it appeared on Dad’s shelves.

He naturally loses, therefore, the habit of such exertion, and generally becomes as stupid and ignorant as it is possible for a human creature to become.


The editors are Deborah George and Ben Shapiro. I feel better at it than I did at the office.

Working: People Talk about What They Do All Day and How They Feel about What They Do

Also partly as a consequence, workers in their 50s and even late 40s identified themselves as old and close to the end of their careers.

How we strike the balance between work and life. So you end up wrecking the curve or else settling down and conforming. WFMT introduced me not only to classical music, but also to music of virtually every genre as well.

I haven’t made it halfway through this book yet but I can’t put it down. This lack of scrutiny is especially striking, considering that our jobs dictate our social status, consume most of our time, and are usually the number one thing we complain about.

stue Yes, money is important to pay the bills and achieve a desired lifestyle, but the contentment is what the author is directing our thoughts to. What caught my attention is that everyone has a secret dream job, what they imagine they’d rather be doing, where things would be better somehow. In the last thirty years, productivity has soared but job satisfaction has plummeted. Although this book came out init feels surprisingly recent.

But now I have a vague idea of what woring experience was like, and I feel a little less limited. But frankly it is far too long and should have been edited read: The subject of the book is the way th Do you hate your job? Sep 12, Dara Salley rated it really liked it. To be remembered was the wish, spoken and unspoken, of the heroes and heroines of this book. Office work was sales or bureaucracy or management, not the mind work that it often is today, and trkel itself been often altered dramatically by automation.

‘Working’ Then And Now: Studs Terkel’s Book Interviews Resurface As Audio

wtud I can never train myself in all the skills I want. I was more interested in the stories the working stiff in factories or transportation or office work, than those of the upper echelons such as professional coaches and different types of brokers real estate, stocks, what have youperhaps because the latter talk so much organic fertiliser.


Those remaining pages are direct transcriptions from the stories told to Terkel b Studs Terkel opens Working with one of the most stirring sentences I have read of late: This is no mean feat, of course. I purchased it the week I quit my job at the bookstore, with my employee discount, and got a slow start on it.

Meet Some Of The Voices From ‘Working’ Then And Now : NPR

They describe bureaucratic idiocy and their positions on unions Terkel pushes union talk hard but return to what they get or fail to get from the hours they spend at work.

We’re all trying to get through life any way we can. This book earns its big reputation.

Jaffe died in Roberto Acuna, a farm worker, has this to say: The film critic said, “Don’t envy movie actors and screen and print writers for making a lot of money. Many of the specific jobs in Working may have disappeared, but in a world where calls from the US and the UK could both be answered in Bangalore, where we shop in the same stores, eat in the same restaurant franchises and shop online from the same behemoths, Working remains a timely read.

Previously I’ve read one on the Spanish Civil War, but that’s it. Topics Studs Terkel Rereading. This book does more than anything else I know to turn those assumptions on their heads. Sep 18, Wprking Gillette rated it it was amazing.