In Hugo and Nebula winner Silverberg’s epic alternative history, as grandly sweeping and imaginative as his celebrated Majipoor Cycle (Lord Valentine’s Castle. 27 Apr No power on Earth can resist the might of Imperial Rome, so it has been and so it ever shall be. Through brute force, terror, and sheer. I don’t know if there is a thread on this already, but I decided to make my own. So has anybody ever read the book? I love parts of it (Tales from.

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If the Prophet had not lived…

Rome is at the lead of a western empire in deep crisis, Emperor Maximilianus is dying and the heir Heraclius is weak and incapable, only the help of the eastern parts could help the empire, threatened by the barbarians of the north.

Get a free e-book from Book perk. Robert Silverberg’s got some pretty good ideas and wrote the playbook. We see what became of Christianity, Islam, and the division with Constantinople.

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Year Year It is the conflicts and the silvsrberg that I remember, not the nifty changes in our history. Refresh and try again. There are winners and losers and those in between. Go ahead; dive in. Guided by the sure hand of an old master, these many roads lead to a fascinating city of multitudinous souls.


The largest flaw was right at the beginning of the book.

From the reign of Maximilianus the Great in A. Just when you’re getting used to a single person or setting, the book leaps ahead a hundred years or so. For it to stand the test of time he asserts the failure of the three great desert cults: There was a problem adding your email address.

I’ve seen it argued Hobsbawm, maybe? How then would Rome’s history play out? Book Club Girl book clubs. I agree that the stories were sort of hit and eferna, but overall I quite liked it. There was only one story that dealt with the commoners. Reposted from my Amazon review. The book opens with a prologue set in auc — Ab Urbe Condita where he explains the turning point, the event that changed the course of history, in this case the failure of the Exodus.

ROMA ETERNA by Robert Silverberg | Kirkus Reviews

In Roma Eterna the Jews never get out of Egypt the first time, but at the end of the book gather secretly to fashion the first spaceship.

International Customers If you are located outside the U. Almost all his characters are from the elite, and the upper crust of the elite at that. Technology changes, but culture–religion, government, the ar This book is still at the top of my list of “books I romz when I read them and still hate now.


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Throughout the centuries, Silverberg had Rome go through its ups and downs: Silverberg alege o cale facila preluand elemente si aspecte reale pe care le justifica neconvingator folosind cauze ce tin de istoria imaginara spre exemplu, desi Imperiul nu s-a prabusit, exista ev mediu, dogi ai Venetiei, latina e inlocuita de la un punct incolo cu dialecte locale, inclusiv la Roma ajunge sa se vorbeasca o asa-zisa limba romana, care e de fapt italiana.

Thanks for signing up! Overall, this was an entertaining book, page turner in parts. Now, I’m sure some picky reader could point out specific instances where this is not true. Silverberg does well in making sure that the geography is understandable, so you know what is happening where. The knock-on effects meant that the Western Roman Empire didn’t collapse.

Despite its dense prose and self-satisfied narrative, there was a lot to like about this.