Queen of Camelot has ratings and reviews. Donna said: Every once in a while a book comes along so satisfying and beautiful that you savor every. 2 Jan Return to a time of legend—the days of Guinevere and Arthur and the glory that was to become Camelot On the night of Guinevere’s birth, a. At Guinevere’s birth, a wise woman declares a prophecy of doom for the child: she will be gwenhwyfar, the white shadow, destined to betray her king, and be.

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Read more Read less. Don’t pick this one up in the middle of the night thinking you’ll re A great retelling of the Arthurian Saga. The High Queen starts with a conversation between Bedwyr and Guinevere, which McKenzie tries to use as a way to remind the reader of what happened in the first book; however, having Guinevere explaining to Bedwyr one of Arthur’s oldest friends basic plot details such as the identity of Morgause is simply not convincing.

Mckenzue starts at the end with Lancelot coming to meet with Guinevere for the last time and to tell her the details of Arthur’s death and burial although she already knows he is gone.

For the sake of the reader, that loyalty should have been put on the back burner when good ole Lance and Gwen were convinced that they’d never live to see Arthur. She states in the foreword that she originally intended the novels to be combined, but they were split at the time of publication because of their length. McKenzie has brought the characters of Camelot to life in a believable, gripping, suspenseful way.

However, in this story, she was depicted as being very smart, genuine, unselfish and kind. Yet she soon learns how the dark prophecy will reveal itself. However, upon reading this book again this year love mckenzif so much!


The story’s pace is one other writer’s should envy because it is such a perfect balance that it isn’t overwhelming nor too slow, it just is.

Queen of Camelot – Wikipedia

Of course, every Arthurian tale takes a slightly different slant – there’s a ton of inconsistency, even in the more classic literature. She decides to raise Mordred, teaching him to be a ruler and to honor Camelot. This might have been because she seemed completely dependent on both Arthur and Lancelot. Mordred will be her greatest joy—and the key to her ultimate downfall. Mordred is a noble character who possesses many of Arthur’s virtues, but his ambition is not tempered and he does not inspire love ov the people in the same way as Arthur.

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Now Guinevere must make a fateful choice: Third, the love triangle is very hard to believe in this book. And Arthur knows of there love and is incredibly understanding about it. In the second of two mcksnzie novels, Guinvere, unable to conceive agrees to raise Arthur’s son Mordred born from a cursed encounter with Arthur’s sister the evil sorceress Morgause.

Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle device camwlot. Though Lancelot does not love Elaine, he takes her for a bride and together they leave Camelot for his family’s lands in Gaul, to start a family.

I love the way the author fills them with honor, and how although they queenn I loved this book. Guinevere’s Tale Book 2. McKenzie’s Guinevere isn’t a real person, and that flaw is fatal for this novel.

This book suffers greatly from Guinevere having a “Madonna complex” and of course Elaine is the “evil temptress” forever jealous mckenie her far more beautiful and virtuous cousin. She will love him like a mother.


Although the character of Gwen was left with questions as well I suppose. I was worried that after I brought it, it wouldn’t live up to expectations, but it did. It is a little over the top and gets a bit annoying. It’s slightly different This ca,elot a Guinevere that can be admired.

Book Review: Queen of Camelot

Though, here, Guinevere’s affair with Lancelot is celibate, although nandy less passionate, and at times much more realistic than other versions of the story. In the beginning if the story, Guinevere is an astute young child full of questions regarding religion, faith, and God.

Click here Would you like to report this content as inappropriate? I have to say my favorite bit of this story was the portrayal of Mordred as caamelot sympathetic character. He comes across as the King of all kings. At the side of King Arthur, Guinevere reigns strong and true. The Arthur legends as told from the viewpoint of Guinevere, a beautiful, strong, courageous woman and her heartbreaking love of two men – Lancelot and Arthur.

I was wrapped up in this story from the moment I knew it would come from Gwen’s point of view. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Pages to import images to Wikidata CS1 maint: As I finished the Kindle version of “Queen of Camelot,” something nagged at me.