Watch All Episodes of Qissa Chaar Darvesh (Trending Drama) in High Defination Quality, Read and Share reviews/suggestions. Visit Official Website. QR code for Qissa char darvesh. Title, Qissa char darvesh. Author, Mohammad Yunus Hasrat. Publisher, Ferozsons. Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote RefMan. 20 Mar These stories were originally written in Persian by Amir Khusro as “Ghasseh-e Chahar Darvesh” (The Tale of the Four Dervishes). It was initially.

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Qissa char darvesh.

Addressing myself to him, I said, I am guilty, and culpable; whatever punishment chhahar fixed on me, let it be executed. My sister sent me quickly to the bath, after having ordered a splendid dress to be sewn for me. As I loved him from my soul and heart, I accepted his well-turned apology, and not only overlooked his knavery, sissa even asked him again with affection, what great difficulty has occurred that you are so thoughtful?

The good surgeon was regular in his attendance, and in a short time all the wounds filled up, and began to heal; a few days after she performed the ablution of cure. They amused me with the gossip of every place, and every idle, lying tittle tattle; they continued urging me thus. I qjssa said, “I do not wish to live any longer on these terms; my feet are hanging in the grave, and I must soon die; my remedy is in the power of your highness; whether you may apply it or not, davresh you only know.

At last God made her heart favourable to me. At last, after suffering much uneasiness, the morning approached–the cock crowed, and the voices of men were heard. Although I became more easy in my mind, yet this perplexity continued in my heart. The young merchant replied with great kindness, “Whatever you require is ready, but tell me, sir, from what country are you come, and what are the motives of your stay in this foreign city?

The lady, though she was displeased, said with hauteur, “The best thing that can be done for him now is that he should receive a hundred bags of gold pieces, and having got his property all right, let him return to his native country. Since the introduction of European watches and clocks, the term ghari is applied to the Christian hour of sixty minutes.

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If a man becomes idle and stays at home, the people of the world cast unfavourable reflections on him; more especially the people of this city, both great and little, though it darfesh them not, will say, on your remaining [with me and doing nothing,] ‘That having lavished and spent his father’s worldly wealth, he is now living qjssa the scraps from his brother-in-law’s board. Hearing this dialogue, I also continued becoming more and more tired of existence. He then tied a cat on the camel’s neck, and went through the city of Baghdad, exclaiming, ‘O, true believers, here is a darvsh to be sold for a dinar, and a cat for a thousand dinars; but they cannot be sold the one without the other.


I dismissed the men from the door, and carried in the trays entrusted to me to the presence of the fair lady. I sold them as occasion required, and began to spend the amount in medicines and remedies. You already recently rated this item. And now, behold, I have related to thee all my adventures from the beginning to the end; do you yet desire in your heart any other [explanations]?

It is all well; to me life is no longer of any use; to the helpless, half-dead lover there is no resource against the faithlessness of the beloved one. In the same manner that I have, in compliance with your wishes, granted all you requested, do you also in like manner perform what I desire; my advice on this occasion is, that it is chaahr longer proper either for you or me to remain in this city.

My heart only knows the state of joy I felt at that moment. Leaving there the princess, I set out, and was looking all around to find somewhere or other on the ground, or the river, some trace of a human being.

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At this moment the eunuch appeared, and began to plead for my pardon and restoration to her favour. To an inferior or dependant, the master of the house gives the corner of the masnad to sit on; to an equal or intimate friend, he gives part of the large pillow to lean on; to a superior, he abandons the whole pillow, and betakes himself to the corner of the masnad.

By her coming, the beauties of that garden, and the joy of my heart, revived. A certain space of time darveshh away in this mystery and submission–I instantly procured for her whatever she desired. The fast of Lent among tho followers of the Pope of Rome is, though in a less degree, liable to the same censure. I saw a man with a white beard sitting under the portico of his door, and several men were grinding materials for plasters beside him.


No qssa [of the family] remained to darvesj over me. In those days, seeing thee without money and sad, I wrote the note to Sidi Bahar, who is my cashier. When its inebriating quality took effect, I used in the elevation of my spirits to jest and laugh with the boy, and beguile my time.

The translation of Mir Amman is still enjoyed as a classical work of Urdu Literature for the common daily language of its time. He lived in the reign of Akbar, somo years ago. Then, when you promised him to return, and came to me and related the particulars of his insisting upon it, I was heartily pleased with the circumstance; for I knew that if you went to his house, and there ate and drank, you would invite him in return, and that he would eagerly come; for this reason, I sent thee back quickly to him.

One day, my sister, who treated me like a mother, said to me, “O brother, you are the delight of my eyes, and the living emblem of the dead dust of our parents; by your arrival the longing of my heart is satisfied; whenever I see you, I am infinitely rejoiced; you have made me completely chhahar but God has created men to work for their living, and they ought not to sit idle at home. Smith’s translation of the Baghobahar, I inserted the following “petition.

O ye holy guides! Disregarding the amusements of the entertainment, they began to attend only to this strange spectacle. I had no opportunity of going away, and did not wish to stay.

That angelic fair, changing her looks and getting warm, became a whirlwind of fire, and said; “You presume too much; go and mind your own affairs; what advantage can you derive from [the explanation of these circumstances? I replied, your happiness is essential to me, what can be better [than what you propose]; send for her without delay; nothing, it is true, is agreeable without the presence of the beloved one.