Thus The Pseudonomicon-a jumble of tentative postcards from my own excursions into the Lovecraftian imaginary. – Phil Hinc, 8. CTHULHU MADNESS. What is The Pseudonomicon? Its Cthulhu Mythos. Its Cthulhu Madness! Its a Cthulhu Pathworking!! First published in a very limited edition in , and reprinted. Basically, my question is that in The Pseudonomicon, Phil Hine lists 5 of the Great Old Ones I’m gonna go out on a tentacle here:lol: are.

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Skeptismo I think the idea of “The Cursed Book” in the sense of Lovecraft’s Necronomicon is a very powerful thing for some people. Yet what if the magic is still lingering maybe you do not pseudonpmicon to banish it right away maybe you wanna discuss or find a less abrupt means of banishing it.

A systems effectiveness cannot be measured solely in terms of inner coherence but effectiveness is increased the more pseudonomicpn believes in the the system. So there is plenty of room to experiment and find what works for you.

Much fun to be had. Alarum – Yeah, alot of books from New Falcon seem to take a while to be delivered down here to the UK. I especially enjoyed the latter of the book going into the pathworking and his account of a Tsathoggua healing with his friend. Trivia About The Pseudonomicon.

Jaaks Alarum, thanks for the link!! New Falcon stuff in the UK, as a result of hassling the guy who owns my local occult store to get me a copy of the Illustrated Goetia for the past 5 weeks or so.

For example silence of soft music can be used to enter into the state as well as to exit the state.

Azazoth is an experience. To see what your pseudonomicn thought of this book, please sign up. I’m not working with that system at the moment, but if I pseudonomixon decide to, I would probably supplement my pseduonomicon of this book with readings of Lovecraft’s fiction, just to fully immerse myself in that paradigm and see what I’m inspired to do.


Techniques include words of power, shape shifting, dream control, slipping into fear and personality deconstruction. The first being discussed is Yog Soggoth. One of the better books on comprehensive workings with Lovecraft Mythos.

Ctullu is a giant octopus being that dwells in the deeps of the ocean in a city called Ryeleh. Natascha Imlay rated it ;seudonomicon was ok Mar 25, When he opens one of his eyes from his sleep it send a psychic ripple across the planet. I read this one many years ago, and back then I did not fully appreciate it. Son of a Montage This looks useful: Preview — The Pseudonomicon by Phil Hine.

Lists with This Book. Apparently their deliveries are sporadic and do not necessarily match with what has been ordered.

The Pseudonomicon is interesting if you are interested in working in the Cthulhu Mythos magically. Sorry I disagree, LHP magic is positive, self development magic. He is the gate way to the gods and work with him develops your magician self. He names several other entities throughout the book along with the realm they reside in. This is the most dangerous type of Magik you can ever practice.

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Phil Hine is a leader in the Chaos Magic community pswudonomicon launches into a short pamphlet sized pseudonkmicon on some ways you can work with these deities, advantages and who these deities are.

While it is not said in so many words workibng with the mythos is really about self transformation and change. Alarum Thats pssudonomicon mains reason that I bought the book, for the Cthulhu pathworking, thats gonna be yummy! I almost ordered the book from New Falcon myself but luckily a local occult shop had several copies. Christy Stewart rated it it was ok Apr 15, I do have the Necronomicon and the Necronomicon Spellbook as well and just started reading through it.


Personality dissentigration does suck, I’ve been through it and years later I’m still not fully recovered, but I’ve definitely grown a lot and found my true calling and have a better personality than I did before mine dissentigrated. To reach these deities you have to go to lonely desolate places usually out there in nature. Sep 04, Steve Pseudonomivon rated it it was amazing. Now that I re-read it, I can say it is one of the best of its kind.

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Pseidonomicon in the Necronomicon Spell Book there are 50 entities the 50 names of Marduk that you can summon Azazoth is called the blind idiot god. James Campbell rated it really liked it Oct 02, A short read that breezes you effectively into Chaos magick. He is your first experience when dealing with the old ones. If you’re Magikally inclined but not mentally strong and have not rectified your inner ills, you may be in big, BIG trouble psehdonomicon Lovecraftian Magik is practically it’s own Talisman, much like the Ouija Board.

I am not particularly interested in becoming acquainted with the Old Ones on a personal level, let alone going mad. Thanks for telling us about the problem. As I read H.