30 Sep In this message, professor Mesfin talks about the current situation in Ethiopia, TPLF,Tigray and their relation. Response to it among Ethiopians. 10 Jun Mesfin Woldemariam’s recent Amharic book, a slim volume entitled, The perplexing phenomena that exercises the Professor’s mind is how. 3 Jun Together with the Derg, Professor Mesfin demeaned and .. Sorry you feel like that but you need to examine yourself and ask why do Mesfin Woldemariam and the His latest book is really a mockery of academic pursuit.

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And yet, being a person very much shaped and oriented by the institutions and attitudes of the bygone era, of which he is often nostalgic, he seems to be operating by a paradigm that is in need of, kesfin not a complete shift, then at least some significant adjustments.

Zewditu Gudina Daba on Getachew Admase: This man goes out of his way to disparage the extraordinary triumphs of the Tigrian people, and out of spite, Mesfin Weldemariam backed the former Derg officials. I am surprised about the enormous mesgin campaign that is currently going on against Professor Mesfin as a result of his bold book.

The opposite can also be applied: Views Read Edit View history. Is it by coincidence that the metropolis, where the professor resides, is safe and has not had a terrorist assault from the Somali Islamist group? Of course, this is this is a failed state. However, Mesfin, and 37 others were pronounced guilty on 11 Profeessor Is the town of Adwa growing in Leaps and bounds?

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He later contracted pneumonia, collapsing in his prison cell 18 August, and was taken to the hospital. Do not tell me cooked story which is quite meaningless for new generation.

Food Assistance in Ethiopia yesterday and today. Predictably, the vile old man was disgorging the usual hogwash that he has been spewing since the fall of the Derg that he was part of during the early days. You are profsssor using your WordPress.

This site uses cookies. I firmly believe the Ethiopian government has done many good things, policies that history will judge as a courageous building step, both at a national and international level for Ethiopia. Responding to a student petition, on 8 April Mesfin and Berhanu Nega held a day-long panel discussion at the hall of the National Lottery on academic freedom.

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We have become a society that thinks blind faith in the regime is necessary and accepts power is the source of knowledge. His distaste for anything Tigrai beggars belief and in many instances he has displayed his utmost disrespect to the brave and patriotic people who paid dearly to establish a new, prosperous and inclusive Ethiopia.

American Association for the Advancement of Science. I must say, I find this interpretation very attractive. Top Create a mesfij website or blog at WordPress. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The reality on the ground ,whether one likes it or not, needs to be addressed and shrugging it off as if would go away on its own is not going to be of much help if a democratic and peaceful country is to emerge.

I think it is peofessor to say that our mode of government promotes those who obey authorities without questioning and demote those who stand for truth and challenges authorities.

Mesfin Woldemariam

It is not strictly a work of history but rather a second order study taking issues with certain established approaches to Ethiopian history woldenariam. If we professsor the trouble to study the records, in the political dynamics of the day in which many regional rulers were contending for the throne, both Yohanes IV and Menelik II resorted to seeking foreign allies in their pursuit of power. Mesfn Language Reform for Ethiopia: You have not provided any evidence similar to that of Prof.

Why has it been especially important Ethiopian historians to write entirely in English? The Ethiopia he is much enamored of and whose praises he sings was not always the utopia it is made out to be by oboks romanticizing its greatness. In particular, he has come out as harsh critic of the existing regime, taking the role of a gadfly, or as some thinks acting as its nemesis, tirelessly writing bitingly critical pieces in the local papers.

In terms of vibrant democracy, prlfessor must be said it is doing far better than most neighbouring countries, all the way from Sudan, Eritrea, Yemen, Djibouti, Eritrea, Somalia and South Sudan. We have built a state that conducts arrests and oppressive laws for short-term victories, but that alienate many and prove distasteful even for some in the governing elite. Merid Wolde Aregay, Dr.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. This means that in woldemsriam making of history, there is scope for the distortion and manipulation of historical events. The pressure for a breakup on ethnic and tribal lines has never been strong. Let us cooperate for betterment of our own people.

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This man goes out of his way to disparage the extraordinary triumphs of the Tigrian people, and out of spite, Proessor Weldemariam backed the former Derg officials, who bombed Hawzen on a market day killing thousands of civilians, during their trail for seventeen years of sheer terror.

He strongly believed that united Ethiopia, comprising the south and the north existed long centuries before Atse Menelik II. The people in those areas have an even bigger say, whatever they say. Primordial passions are raging everywhere as people scramble into tribal tents, having lost faith in their place in the Ethiopian mansion.

Mesfin Weldemariam: one foot in the grave and still disgorging odium

In the binary suggested by Ivo Strecker, it had not just its glory but its agony as well. By default I acquired my citizenship because I am born from Ethiopian spouses.

He faults them for what he believes is a fundamentally flawed approach of using models borrowed from foreign writers in characterizing the Ethiopian nation-state.

He has raised some important questions about certain aspect of our history that we have been accepting without questioning and our Ethiopian historians who bkoks writing in foreign languages. In spite the many controversies surrounding him and the constant criticism he is subjected to to my knowledge two book length criticisms have been written in response to his views wo,demariam, he has stayed the course, seeming to thrive on controversy.

In a statement which has ruffled some feathers, Prof Mesfin even goes as far as to claim, in a way that smacks of essentialism, that the readiness to collaborate with the imperial powers is a characteristic feature of the region, that is Mesvin. We seem to accept that those who are in power are not to be faulted. Indeed, if they believe anything at all, what they seem to believe strikes one as being opposed to the traditional beliefs of the Ethiopia people. Ethiopia completes feasibility study to export power to Egypt.

For me, this is the danger in woldemaria, an idea: BooksMesfin Woldemariam Tags: