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Part, MC Category, Communication => Freq/Signal Converters/Generators . Description, Dual-conversion Narrowband FM Receiver. Company, Motorola. MC Datasheet PDF Download – DUAL CONVERSION NARROWBAND FM RECEIVERS, MC data sheet. We do have pretty of stock of the Motorla MC / MC Can you pleased tell us your QTY request? We can supply you for this parts.

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First Mixer Output Impedance. I’m looking into that one now. Sign up now to remove ads between posts.

Several of the other versions like the sa will go down to 2. On the MC, an external capacitor between Pins 13 and 14 can be used with a quad coil for slightly higher recovered audio. Ideally I want the RX to consume less than x mil boardspace. Trouble is mc13316 a small enough IC to use, without it requiring a million external components.

Oct 11, Tried a number of things and all just killed range.


Second Mixer 3rd Order. Return to DIY Electronics. Zlatko My member is not. The BA operates from 2.

Motorola – datasheet pdf

I need your help people First Mixer Parallel Input Capacitance. May 08, Comon people, mc131136 must know of a mc1336 chip that comes in a smaller package than the MC and requires fewer external components? Op Amp Gain and Phase. Single-sided, no vias needed. First Mixer 3rd Order Intercept. Mar 26, To improve it just make a tuned antenna front end. Idea The hunt for a FM receiver chip The MC can be used with either a ceramic discriminator or an LC quad coil and the op amp is internally connected for a voltage buffered RSSI output.

Nov 16, Navigate Blogs Classifieds Places Search. In addition, recovered audio distortion and audio cm13136 have improved. Apr 30, The typical recovered audio will depend on the external circuit; either the Q of the quad coil, or the RC matching network for the ceramic discriminator.

If you use a microcontroller for a decoder, a software glitch filter can make it just as reliable mc1136 a dual conversion receiver. Going single conversion might be ok too, my real issue is making sure it is narrowband and small.


Dual conv would also keep signal tiptop IF of a triple conversion system. Jul 03, Second Mixer Input Impedance. My design using a will actually do this by far, but it is too wide band. So far, the MC seems like the best candidate. Philips makes several single conversion chips in a 20pin SSOP package 6.

AM Rejection versus Input Power. The is a no-go due to the 9v supply neded. The 9 volts is the absolute maximum for the sa, 4.

The MC is designed for use with an LC quadrature detector and has an uncommitted op amp that can be used either for an RSSI buffer or as a data comparator. I haven’t gotten it narrowed down.

Datasheet «MC13136»

Hi, Bruce MC is a narrow band receiver and meet your requirement. I did a test-layout of the MC and the receiver is bigger than my controller! First LO Buffered Output. See Figures 10 through mc133136 for additional information. Jul 06, ,