Krautrocksampler has ratings and 37 reviews. Drew said: I was very fortunate to get the opportunity to read this book at all. Back when British postp. Love him or hate him, Julian Cope has probably done more to resurrect and His book Krautrocksampler sure got me interested in the music (in my 40s no. JOHNPEEl. (RAIROCKWAMPLER. One Head’s Guide ſo he Great Kosmische Musik– Onwards. Julian Cope. HEAD HERITAGE. C.E.. 2ND EDITION .

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Well crafted and clearly written guide to all that’s best about a krautrrocksampler group of seminal artists whose influence on modern music is only just being given the appreciation and credit it deserves. I had an absolute blast reading this book. Taff Oh, the Brian book? At times they caught snatches of their songs and flung them about a bit, but they had concrete on stage and big road drills and their very Stooges ‘ Ur-punk presence awed me and shocked me.

And Cluster with Eno, and a couple of tracks on the Roedelius compilation, but never their own classic albums. I skimmed through it but it seemed a bit of a cash-in job. Apr 10, Drew rated it it was amazing. For me to get my hands on a copy was about as exciting for a Krautrock fan as Your computer may be infected with malware or spyware that is making automated requests to our server and causing problems. I tried so hard not to get out of control, not to toggle constantly between the.

But it’s impossible not to sense his infectious enthusiasm for these bands. So where krautrocisampler Faust coming from?


We’re sorry, but your IP address And Dorian loves Manuel so copee that seeing them together was really touching. These freaks were fit. Red Bull Music Academy.

Mar 25, Scott rated it really liked it Shelves: A savage edit into. In me ha risvegliato il desiderio di riascoltare certi vecchi dischi in vinile, e riscoprire immutata la magia della musica incisa in quei solchi. A book for fans and the curious alike and very well written. Second, it is absolutely hilarious. And then Faust walked on – longhairs without flares, wearing those pale European straight-legs you’d see on hip German students over here in the early ’70s.


But in the end, I couldn’t restrain myself. It was one of the first books to break through and appear on record store shelves so that a kid from anywhere USA could learn about the great German musical experimenters in their prime period of creativity of the late ’60s and early ’70s, when Krautrock really was getting defined as a genre unto itself.

Mar 27, Timothy Gabriele rated it liked it. Cope’s approach is that of the fanboy, a headlong rush to preach the Krautrock gospel and convert the uninitiated.

Krautrock was the derisive name given to West German progressive rock made from the late sixties to the mid seventies. Faust were guaranteed immediate legend status for what they had achieved and, like Neu! Piano, drums, acoustic guitar, Eno -ish synthesizer and voice. But for all that it is an enjoyable and informative read, just take it all with a krautrocksampoer of salt.

I really like Krautrock. Julian Cope born Julian David Cope, on 21 October is a British rock musician, author, antiquary, musicologist, poet and krautrockssmpler commentator.

Krautrocksampler : One Head’s Guide to the Great Kosmische Musik – 1968 Onwards

That was just an existentialist knee-jerk. Also check out Julian Cope’s “Head Heritage” Web site for more great, enthusiastic writings about heavy psychedelic music, old krautrokcsampler new. And Faust were right.

I wasn’t willing to pay that much, but due to the good graces of the internet, I was very fortunate to get the opportunity krautrocisampler read this book at all.

I loved the Krautrocksampler book even though I’m not really familiar with a lot of the music you wrote about.

Because Cope strikes the perfect balance between scholarship and context on the one hand, and sheer infectious karutrocksampler on the other. I think they intended to record a Typical Rock Album as a basic standpoint, but they tried not to make the songs typical at all. But why should Mulian push something which has become almost mainstream?

Now, gormless things that Creep, who write for Q, the Wire, and other such worthy, short-haired, culturally-barren tomes have picked up juliaj the phenomenon and claimed it for themselves. You know what’s coming and its exciting krxutrocksampler a total rush, man, but there is nothing really new.

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Faust So Far was released in an all black sleeve. Non-uomini con voce di Dalek chiamano e ghignano, riff forgiati da Orchi-punk e Sacerdoti Fantascientifici vi intrappolano. The book was first published in the United Kingdom in by Head Heritage, and was later translated into GermanItalian and French.

When I finally saw it, it was the same old sketchy memories with no changes or corrections, no photos and no Kraut content at all.

Faust Publication : Krautrocksampler : Julian Cope

Va detto che in questo modo scoprii un sacco di buona musica, di artisti e dischi fondamentali, ma le mie orecchie adolescenti erano affa Commento del marzo Passionate, authentic and biased, but so detailed krautrocmsampler enables you to make your own decisions. Apr 06, Volodymyr rated it it was amazing. Apr 16, Ian added it.

He covers most of the important bands of the period although big is relative, since most bands sold comparatively few records from the quirkiness and experimental Faust to the innovative progressive rock of Can, with loads of psychedelic warriors, recalcitrant free jazzers and even Timothy Leary along the way.

One Head’s Guide to the Great Kosmische Musik – Onwardswritten by the musician and writer Julian Copeis a book describing the underground music scene in Germany from through the s. Of course the book is out of date now – but that only shows how successful it has been, because wussies like Q hacks now deign to interview Amon Duul 2, etc. Some sources quote under one thousand records sold in the first months of Faust being released.

Krautrocksampler by Julian Cope

In the foyer were free Faust manifestos handed to everyone, and free Henry Cow posters. It also helped me discover Walter Wegmuller who’ This is a very good initiation for anyone taking their first steps into the krautrock world, providing at first some general jilian and sociological basis for its development in Germany and then focusing on bands seperately offering trivia and reviews. This could happen for a number of reasons: