“Understanding Posology in Classical Homoeopathy” revised third international edition. By Farokh J . History of High Potency in Homoeopathy (p). On the. Introduction. Posology (from the Greek, posos, how much) mean the science or doctrine of dosage. Posology is the study of Law of Dosage. How have the concepts of homeopathic posology evolved with Hahnemann and over history to our current understanding on the subject.

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Each time you order a bottle it has to be one strength higher than the previous bottle, so LM1 will be followed by LM2, and then LM3.

From my experience, however, I have found that people may resonate better to certain potency levels than others.

I have a perspective on posology that I did not have before, which I hope to continue to build on. What factors determine the susceptibility? Yet homeopaths today are repeating high potencies daily with no qualms, and claim to get positive results.

LM Potency stock bottles and remedy bottles. Posoloty I not had the experience of working with the LM potencies, and experiencing their wonderful power to heal in a gentle way, I would not have understood the real power of the low potency remedies in the graphic way that I do now.

I will explain how to do that. T he key to homeopathic potency selection boils down to finding the susceptibility of our patient. This is why dosage and frequency or repetition have to be monitored very carefully. You may experience a time in the first weeks after taking the remedy when your symptoms might be up and down.


Powered by WordPress and the Graphene Theme. He accomplished altering the dose by succussing the bottle that held the remedy.

When it does so the symptoms may intensify for awhile before they get better. I learned a great deal by taking LM potencies myself, and learning about aggravations on LM potencies, and how to adjust the size of the dose, and the frequency of administration to minimize aggravations and maximize the therapeutic effects of the remedies. You will not meet two homeopaths who have the same opinion on this subject, and also the opinion of the homeopath may change from year to year, or month to month.

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Is the disease of an insidious nature? You may also use disposable cups. I would be happy to help you with fine tuning the remedy to your needs. Nature of the Remedy — remedy reactivity, duration and depth of action. Here are common homeopathicc at which people take their LM or Quin potency remedy doses:. The three remedies given in the order shown have proven to be very homeopathiic in most cases of croup.

Very sensitive people can also triple or quadruple dilute. Generally speaking an aggravations of symptoms is an indication that the remedy has found the symptoms it needs to work on and is working on them.

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It would be nice, however, for homeopaths to take as much care as Hahnemann did with his dosing, holding the same ideals of gentle healing. Some people take the remedy once a month. In other cases it can take longer. Do they lead a sedentary life? Generally, you will know that the remedy has located a symptom and is working on it, because you may experience a brief intensification in that symptom.


With LM potencies it is very important to determine the sensitivity level of the person to the remedy. I guess there are many ways to practice homeopathy, and no one has a monopoly on the truth. You may also purchase the remedy from other reputable homeopathic pharmacies. Pour a teaspoon of liquid from the stock homeopthic into a cup with 4 oz.

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When in a case, the symptoms of a patient are very well matched by the symptom picture homeopatic the drug, and especially if the mental symptoms are present and clearly marked, then a high potency seems advisable. There is another translation by Kunzli and others, also called the Organon of Medicine: What kingdom does the remedy come from?

Then I ask the patient to drink the amount that I feel would be appropriate for them, with the intention of keeping aggravations to a minimum. He believed that the body would not tolerate an identical stimulus without some negative effect.