Already have a Goalrilla goal but can’t seem to locate your owner’s manual? Not to worry! Here at you’ll find manuals for all current. 2. Vertical main post assembly is a two part process. ANCHOR SYSTEM INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS (Day 1). Before digging the hole for this pole, check. Looking to install your Goalrilla basketball system or hoop? Check out our easy to follow installation guides & installation videos to suit your portable basketball.

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Also ensure nobody comes close to the anchor kit or pole after performing the first phase of the basketball unit installation. The reason is that quick concrete has goalrillla different composition from concrete used on sidewalks and driveways. If weather condition is favorable, it takes 3 to 4 days to process your request for utility marking.

Basketball | Steepleton

As part of our service agreement, we shall not be responsible for the disposal of dirt created after a hole is dug. If you are a huge fan of basketball, you will someday have to install basketball hoop in your home.

What does your warranty cover?

Diggings can only be made 36 inches away from the marking. Please bear in mind that utility companies do not mark obstructions like electrical lawn lighting systems, lawn sprinklers and electric dog fences. It is your responsibility as a homeowner to dispose all packing materials. What will happen to the dirt? How close will your dig be to the marking?


Though there might be some variations, the installation is generally done as follows: It takes 10 days to process your Dig reference number. What weather condition is appropriate for the installation of my hoop? We are schedule-friendly and no-pressure. However, maintenance will only be performed when the need arises.

Basketball System & Hoops Easy Installation Guide | Goalrilla Australia

gaolrilla Goalrilla Basketball Goals What it takes to be a Goalrilla: What does it take to be a Goalrilla? This will have to be done before a new unit can be installed.

Please ensure that the company approves two spots for digging. If after reading the waiver to me and I understand, will you help me check it again? The waiver covers only underground objects located within your property such as security fences. We nistallation remove the hoop if you so wish but this will attract and additional cost.

State and local authorities require a clearance to be tendered before digging a hole four feet deep and two feet wide.

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Should any electrical or plumbing obstruction be found in the first spot, we will have no other choice but to install in-ground basketball system in the second spot. It takes about 45 minutes for this phase to be completed.

The second spot will serve as an alternative should the first have underground obstruction. What are the commonest causes of damage? Also important for someone matured enough to be around during this phase.

Basketball Hoop Installation

This installation is done in 2 days. Good enough, we will be glad to help disassemble installattion basketball hoop and reinstall it in your new location provided you are relocation within Maryland area, Washington DC, Southern Pennsylvania and Northern Virginia. However, requirements for marking varies state to state. Get clearance by visiting the local utility company. My Basketball hoop appears to be shaking —it is not as sturdy as I expected. Failure to do so will attract a 2 nd trip fee on your next appointment.

State laws demand your property first be marked before any hole can be nistallation. Our warranty only covers the installation process, and not the product itself.