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Two points deserve special mention: Rezo are also called “York Masons” with reference, not to the ephemeral Grand Lodge of all England in York, mentioned in and revived inbut to the pretended first Grand Lodge of England assembled in at York. Fessler, tried to restore the original simplicity and purity. I will assist a companion Royal Arch-Mason, when I see him engaged in any difficulty and will espouse his cause so as to extricate him from the same whether he be right or wrong.

These facts prove that modern Masonry is not, as Gould [22] Hughan [23] and Mackey [24] contend, a revival of the older system, but rather that it is a new order of no greater antiquity than the first quarter of the eighteenth century.

The pretended association of Masonry with the orders of the warlike knights and of the religious was far more acceptable than the idea of development out of stone-cutters’ guilds. Hence our Grand Lodge facultatively retains the Symbol of the Grand Architect of the Universe, because every one can conceive it in conformity with his personal convictions. The Pillars Of The Porch.

Many lodges have a Chaplain for religious ceremonies and addresses. In this revolutionary spirit was brought into Germany by Weisshaupt through a conspiratory system, which soon spread throughout the country. According to the German Grand Lodges, Christ is only “the wise and virtuous pure man” par excellence, the principal model and teacher of “Humanity”. It is claimed also that Pythagoras founded the Druidic institution and hence that Masonry probably existed in England years before the Christian Era.

Soon afterhowever, as occult sciences were ascribed to the Templars, their system was readily adaptable to all kinds of Rosicrucian purposes and to such practices as alchemy, magic, cabbala, spiritism, and necromancy. It is a fact attested by experienced men of all countries that, wherever Masonry is influential, non-Masons have to suffer in their gensral from the systematical preferment reon Masons give each other in appointment to offices and employment.

And even such a stupid Atheist incurs no stronger censure than the simple ascertaining of the fact that he does not rightly understand the art, a merely theoretical judgment without any practical sanction.


The title Ahiman Rezon has been often said to be of the Hebrew language and variously mean “to help a brother”, “will of selected brethren”, “The secrets of prepared brethren”, “Royal Builders” and “Brother Secretary”. Pike, for instance, writes [98]. In this acceptation Freemasonry, according to the official English, Scottish, American, etc. A sign sufficed to stop the slaughter; the combatants threw away their arms, embraced each other fraternally and at once became friends and Brethren as their oaths prescribed”, and the “Handbuch” [84] declares: The three degree system, first practised aboutbecame universal and official only after It is not then difficult to understand that the attempt to prove the antiquity of Freemasonry with evidence supplied by such monuments of the past as the Pyramids and the Obelisk removed to New York in should have resulted in an extensive literature concerning these objects.

General Ahiman Rezon

Origin And Early History Iii. In every age monarchs [American rituals: Bodies, ; lodges 26,; Masons, about 2,; the number of the Grand Chapters of Royal Arch is: In both systems obedience to unknown superiors was promised. The three editions which this “Handbuch” Universal Manual of Freemasonry has had since are most valuable, the work having been declared by English-speaking Masonic critics by far the best Masonic Encyclopedia ever published.

The said practice of mutual assistance is so reprehensible ahimah Masonic authors themselves [86] condemn it severely. Part of a series on. You are Freemasons and you recognize them as Freemasons. The reason why Laurence Dermott used it, and what it meant to him, remains a mystery.

It has for its principles absolute liberty of conscience and human solidarity. Moreover, British and American Grand Lodges declare that they are fully satisfied with such a vague, in fact merely verbal declaration, without further inquiry into the nature of this belief, and that they do not dream of claiming for Freemasonry that it is a “church”, a “council”, a “synod”. The Rite Of Induction. He then describes a fabled meeting with four ‘sojourners from Jerusalem’ who were present at the building of Solomon’s temple, making them at least two thousand years old, whose ‘memories’ were possibly failing them.

This spirit, ahoman, as exhibited in the new constitutions was in contradiction to that which animated the geheral Masons. Apart, then, from “mere childish allusions to the minor secrets”, the general tendency of this “History” is to exhibit the “unsectarianism” of Masonry. A duly constituted lodge exercises the same powers, but in a more restricted sphere. Several lodges were chartered by the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

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Then there is the great class who join it out of curiosity or perhaps, because somebody in a position above them is a mason. These texts, though differing slightly, are identical as to their essential tenor.

In ancient times the masons were charged to comply with the Christian usages of each country where they travelled or worked; but Masonry being found in all nations, even of diverse religions, they generql now generally charged to adhere to that religion, in which all men agree, leaving each Brother his own particular opinionthat is, to be good men and ahimman, men of honour and honesty, by whatever names, religions or persuasions they may be distinguished; for they all agree in the three great articles of Noah, enough to preserve the cement of the lodge.

Every regular Grand Lodge or Supreme Council in the Scottish, ahimzn Grand Orient in the mixed system, constitutes a supreme independent body with legislative, judicial, and executive powers.

The unsectarian character of Masonry is also implied in the era chosen on the title page: Views Read Edit View history. Mackey [25] specifies no less than twenty-five landmarks.

Thus in most of the Lodges of the United States only the Masters third degree are counted, while in other countries the apprentices and fellows are added. Of Order In Architecture. Hence, concludes Krause [35] Anderson’s “History” is allegorically written in “cipher language”. The principal German reformers, L.

General Ahiman Rezon Index

Its decree was complied with, to a certain extent, in the United States, where Masonry, first introduced aboutfollowed in general the stages of Masonic evolution in the mother country. There have been many controversies among Masons as to the essential points of Masonry. This mutual assistance, especially symbolized by the five points of fellowship and the “grand hailing sign of distress” in the third degree, is one of the most fundamental characteristics of Freemasonry.

In order to appreciate rightly these texts characterizing modern “speculative” Freemasonry it is necessary to compare genersl with the corresponding injunction of the “Gothic” Christian Constitutions regulating the old lodges of “operative” Gemeral till and after Degree Of Entered Apprentice.