Spiritual Economics has ratings and 44 reviews. Davis said: I am always on the outlook for books that feed my spirit. I discovered Eric Butterworth’s. Summary of Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth and study cards. In his book Spiritual Economics, Eric Butterworth explains, “The word prosperity comes from the Latin root which literally translates: ‘according to hope’ or ‘to go.

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I accept the reality of this situation, but not its permanence. Apr 04, Joe rated it really liked it. This is one of the best motivational books I have ever read, and I have read it six times in the last 20 years.

Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth – PhilosophersNotes | Optimize

I come back to this every once in a while because reading it first about 25 years ago changed my life. The eBook is in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

If you have not discovered Eric Butterworth, he is a trend setter in new thought, spirithal its time you did. Think give, and you will receive. Here are some of the Big Ideas: I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge and experience more prosperity in every area of your life!

For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.

Spiritual Economics Study Resources

Missing the mark is one of the ways in which we learn to hit the target. I can never really achieve this level of consciousness until giving becomes the main thrust of my life.


It is a fundamental key to achieving prosperity. Grover Check It Out! Sep 21, Helen Vaughn rated it it was amazing. Give to passers-by on the street. Oct 14, Z. The ideas of incorporating the awareness of God’s presence in all places and all things; using visualization regularly; the art of belief or faith; the attitude of gratitude; the understanding of money being Good; tithing as spiritual training wheels which should eventually give way to spontaneous giving from the heart; and giving of your self in your work.

The only one who can keep you from succeeding is you. He evonomics to join the army and as a lieutenant in the Medical Corps, trained medical ecknomics and also served eeconomics chaplain and counselor.

Easy access and support giving you all need and economice for personal success. It is not a miracle that is needed to create a job for you but an expression economice divine order in bringing you together with that which is looking for you. Lists with This Book. Henceforth I ask not good fortune.

Really, if you only buy book about prosperity consciousness, let it be this one. Paperbackpages.

It is not a place in space but an inner potentiality of imprisoned splendor which is released through you. Prove me now, God says. It’s a strengthening of his powers of accomplishment.


Including best-selling authors, Olympic coaches and Fortune executives. Meditate long on this point, for it is one of the most important keys of the prosperity law. This page gives a summary for each chapter in Eric Butterworth’s book Spiritual Economics and also points you to various audio and video clips where you can watch and listen to him give the same information that is in the book. I am positive that anyone who reads this book with butteworth open mind will discover that truth within themselves.

As I achieve prosperity I at once economice become an influence for abundance in the world. In a very attainable way, Eric Butterworth reminds us again of the lessons that have been taught for years.

I’ve read this book a few times, and each time find something wonderful in it! And the most effective way for me to accomplish this is by thanksgiving. Best book I’ve read about prosperity consciousness.

I have learned to align myself with the Butterwort Spirit in order to discern what speaks of truth to me.

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