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The underpinning of this resides in Orthodox East’s view upon the relationship between man and God. It is rational to believe that God makes Himself known to us through revelation and miracles. In Christian Europe two worlds co-exist.

Dumitru-staniloae-dogmatica-vol-1 | Mircea Mihai Dorinel –

If the West and the East – as Christian worlds – have an ontological justification, then from a logical point of view p and q should describe them as possible worlds. Or, Gregory Palama asserts plainly in the dispute the need for a mystical experience of God, for particular sciences are inefficient.

The study attempts to survey the way in which the rationalist spirit especially Aristotle’s philosophy was assimilated by Christian thinking in the patristic and scholastic periods. Promotion of the rationalist spirit and stimulation of research are premises for founding, in the 12 th and 13 th centuries, the universities of Bologna, Montpellier, Paris, Oxford, Salamanca, Cologne, Heidelberg, etc. In parallel, history has placed its mark upon the cultural, political, economic, etc.

It is knowledge by experience. The logical possibility of dogmatoca of two possible Christian worlds does not involve the identity of the two statuses.

Thus, it becomes obvious that good cannot be the result of an incidental individual vlo, of a generous feeling or 11 pity; it can only come as a correlative of duty. Ross in The Works of Aristotle, Vol. Consequently, the formulas SaP and SoP are chameleonic, i. Among the main consequences detectable to this day are the varied cultural moulds that exist in the Christian world, as well as the scientific and civilizational lagging behind of the Orthodox East.

It was in these great universities that the seeds of the Renaissance were planted, and it was also here that, gradually and continuously, Western culture was moulded – a culture whose pragmatic-rationalistic creativity is in accordance with the typologies described by Ioan Col. The difference between us and our Western peers is also highlighted by philosophical analysis.

Eroare – Universitatea „Aurel Vlaicu” din Arad

Reciprocally, q enjoys the same logical status. If we now consider the history of culture and civilisation as the framework in which faith and religious ideas play a central role for the human being, then Christianity founded upon the Holy Scripture and the Holy Traditions can be considered the founder of two possible worlds, i. Angels stanilae the truth of things directly and without resorting to reasoning”; conversely, humans get to know the intelligible truth only by reasoning.


He considered that, in dogmaitca not to dovmatica prey to heresies, a Christian must have a clear understanding of his own condition. In this context, two aspects of Dionysius’ contribution need to be emphasised: This introduction is based on the stoical idea according to which dialectics is called upon only to defend philosophical conceptions and to contradict false ones”. Or, this can be viewed as an adaptation to Christianity of Aristotle’s definition of primary philosophy as theology Metaphysics – I, A, 2, b and a.

Dumitru Staniloae – Teologia Dogmatica Ortodoxa (3).PDF

Why did God Turn into Man falls under the same category. For what is different from being does not exist, so that it necessarily follows, according to the argument vogmatica Parmenides, that all things that are are one and this is being. Aristotle, rational philosophy, Sganiloae, patristics, the Orthodox world, dogma.

For example, we can write, 1 All those who are Christian recognise Apostle Peter as the stepping stone on which Christ built His Church, the first Pope of the Church of the entire world as such; consequently, all Popes have an apostolic legitimacy.

The work of Anselmus must also be analysed in this spirit. If we analyse these statements carefully, we realise that both propositions are pragmatic – or rather, axiological – statements, whose logical status is different from that of cognitive statements. In Summa TheologieThomas emphasises the nature of human knowledge as opposed to the nature of knowledge among angels.

The structure faith – reason, already put in conjunction by such early philosophers as Augustin, was later embraced as credo ut intelligam.

These do not exist in the context given by the relations of identity for p and q cannot replace each other – they merely have the status of truths. It begins with a prayer addressed to Staniloe and then continues with a logical investigation of human knowledge and ignorance. The formula seems paradoxical if we do not make a clear distinction between faith and knowledge, or more exactly, if we do not understand the limits of the conjunction between man’s two possible relationships with God.

In the economy of dogmatoca paper, my focus cogmatica on fogmatica reception by Cogmatica of Aristotle’s work and of the rationalist spirit that derives from his philosophy. In order to transcend multiplicity – e. After the scholastic period, the idea of a Mathesis universalis a science legitimised by reference to God stimulated the thinking of philosophers such as Descartes and Leibniz. Besides, in the 9 th century, his work was translated into Latin by John Scotus Erigena, a good logician of the times.


After the revolution in DecemberRomanians had the conviction that the West embodies the charitable Samaritan who comes to the aid of the history-forsaken East. The two Christian worlds – Orthodox and Catholic – can only be described by using equivalent propositions. The nature of the oneness of multiplicity is exclusively conceptual, and the nature of the object denoted by the term multiple is either material, or non-material, e.

Finally, Aristotle asserts the possibility of a science of the being as Being. Admittedly, learning and “the knowledge inherent in sciences can contribute to clarifying the Scripture”, but this does not represent a sufficient condition; the undertaking becomes possible “only if we have the only available key to the Scripture, the gift of stamiloae Holy Ghost”.

By using a metaphor, we can say that Thomas of Aquino Christianised Aristotle, or even that, by studying the dobmatica of Aristotle, Thomas became the master metaphysician of the Christian dogma. I suggest two possible perspectives for reflection: In Anselmus’ words, “Teach me how to search for You and reveal Yourself to the searcher: The Christian writer of the East whose work had, perhaps, the greatest influence upon scholastic logic, was John of Damascus.

dumitru staniloae teologia dogmatica ortodoxa vol i []

Today the “game” of European integration is well known and many clear-sighted Romanians have acquired a lucid perception of the West, which incessantly and mercilessly urges us to wake up and embrace the rhythm of history. De la Platon la Heidegger, vol. Methodologically, what is required is that “the mind should be challenged when contemplating God” the title of the first chapter ; but this methodology must be in close touch with prayer, so that it should simultaneously open a way towards Dogmaitca, and uplift man through prayer and through the rational search for God.

From the point of view of the organization of religious life, this division was officialised by the schism, by the Reform, and by other events. Gregory of Nysse can be viewed as the forerunner of Dionysius the Areopagite.