Regina Winarski is the author of Beautiful Darkness ( avg rating, ratings, reviews, published ). Depois do ano passado, eu achava que nada poderia ficar pior. Uma descoberta terrível, uma morte trágica Mas pelo menos eu tinha Lena. Ela era a última. 26 ago. Em seu twitter a editora Galera Record presenteou os fãs com a capa de Dezessete Luas! Dezessete Luas é segundo volume da série.

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I lus see where she was needed for things. I really think the authors could have shortened these by at least a hundred pages if they’d have taken out unnecessary description and inner dialogue.

Capa e Sinopse de Dezessete Luas!

In this book you get a better look at Link and Ethan’s friendship too. It is mainly because of the length. Other books in the series.

The story just went in circles never reaching the main plot. Are you following me? The fact that most of this second With drzessete first book, Beautiful Creatures, I had some issues with the wishy-washy annoyances what-not.

Secrets is what’s tearing them apart. There’s no real plot, world building, setting, or logical string of events.

Dezessete luas kami garcia, margaret stohl by Eliza Maria – Issuu

Love can make you stupid sometimes you know. I’d be much more angry than Ethan and wouldn’t have been so grateful for Lena’s attention. Honestly, the first two hundred pages are Ethan moaning because Lena has pretty much dumped him. I loved her, luaas by atom, one burning cell at a time.


Overall I’m really excited for the next book! There was no tension, no dezrssete, no foreboding sense of something suspicious in the foreground and the book seriously suffers for it.

That may xezessete the point, but I don’t think I care, and I’m going to abandon the series. Finally, it is a very dark tale and I am not a fan. I thought this series would be too good for all that. What if I met her first?

Dezessete Luas

The first book was pages and it felt like it towards the end. He carried this book on his scrawny shoulders. Here’s the plot, let me know if you’ve heard this before, dezewsete few thousand times.

And to bring in new love interests for both Lena and Ethan just frustrated me. My other complaint is that these books are longer than they need to be. So, we get dezesete book tw For gosh sakes, there are still two more books in this series??? I’ll leave you to guess who’s in the archlight and don’t tell me Luax SPOILED anything because it was obvious from the minute this artefact was mentioned.

Refresh and try again. Please let me be normal!! I will not be going on with it dezessee would not recommend it to anyone. In the end, Beautiful Darkness was a story about a couple that perhaps would be better off without each other. I mean, there’s only been a few weeks that have passed from the end of the first book, so why would it start with relationship issues?


But, you have been warned, this book is read with a slow, southern drawl in most of it. Lena loses a relative and she blames it on her self. I’m leaning toward abandoning the series. This one made a little more sense on the first read than Beautiful Creatures.

Que cada uno decida si leerlo o no. In the beginning of this book she is very dark and she keeps disancing herself from Ethan and making unfortunate new friends. About Arras WordPress Theme. Audiobook Comments I really enjoyed how the audio of these books actually sing the lyrics in the book – really well and with haunting accompanying music. Even when she wasn’t on her way to me. There was no real beginning, middle or end to the story; it all just dragged out and felt like it was pushed together out of scraps of story and scenes.

Having to accompany Ethan on luad journey to “save” Lena was a long, drawn out process.