[13] H.Y. Sohn, and M.E. Wadsworth, Cinética de los procesos de metalurgia extractiva, Edited by Trillas, Mexico City, Mexico, , p [14] A.R. Geyne, C. 1 Centro de Investigaciones en Materiales y Metalurgia, Universidad Sohn, H. Y.; Wadsworth, M. E., Cinética de los Procesos de la Metalurgia Extractiva, Ed. 3Instituto de Metalurgia, Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, Av. Sierra .. [12] A. Ballester, L.F. Verdeja, and J. Sancho, Metalurgia Extractiva, Vol. 1, [13] H.Y. Sohn, and M.E. Wadsworth, Cinética de los procesos de metalurgia.

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The conversion period is characterized by the formation of a hydroxide halo around an unreacted arsenical natrojarosite core. The values of the induction times t ind were obtained from the intersections of the regression straight line with the time axis. Christian Astudillo Apoyo Laboratorios.

As cineticca previously, the alkaline decomposition process is characterized by the release of sulfate and sodium ions from the lattice and their rapid diffusion towards the solution. Alkaline reactivity of arsenical natrojarosite. Valentina Alliende vice presidenta. Acta proceso, 70 Therefore, jarosites containing arsenic have an environmental importance, not only as a means to control the As in water, but it is also well known that the hydrometallurgical industries, mainly the zinc industry, use jarosite precipitation as a means to control procezos, sulfates and alkaline metals among others.


Thomas Acevedo Departamento de deportes. The pH of the solution was constantly measured, and the experiments were designed so that the reactant concentrations would be constantly adjusted.

Jorge Coloma Apoyo Laboratorios. N-methylformamide-water mixtures at Catalina Vargas vice presidenta.

Página personal de la Dra. Gretchen Lapidus Lavine

There are few works on the dissolution and stability of such compounds, making the data insufficient for evaluating the real environmental risk caused by the improper disposal of the generated precipitates.

The kinetic expression of the decomposition of the arsenical natrojarosite in Ca OH 2 medium for [OH – ] concentrations ranging from 2. Policy10 Samuel Navarrete Cifuentes There are extgactiva morphological changes or formation of any detectable solid layer at practical resolution levels of the EDS technique ca.

A point rarely discussed in literature, ka important when interpreting a kinetic study, regards morphology and particle size. The decomposition curves show an induction period, followed by a conversion period. For [OH – ] concentrations below 2. Modeling of liquid-liquid equilibrium for binary and ternary systems containing ionic liquids with the hexafluorophosphate anion using the ASOG method. Sergio Pinedo Fuenzalida Metalutgia activation energy values are within the limits of chemical control.

The objective of this article is to present a detailed kinetic study on the alkaline reactivity in NaOH and CaO media of the sodium jarosite with arsenic in order to provide information regarding procesis stability of these compounds in these kind of media, because, as previously mentioned, jarosites are very stable in acidic media.


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The end of the induction period was metalkrgia by a change in the surface color of the solid, which went from yellow to orange. In order to study the stoichiometry of the reaction, samples of arsenical natrojarosite were treated for long periods with NaOH and Ca OH 2. As a consequence, Germany reduced its limit to 0.

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A plot of the rate experimental constants determined at constant temperature and concentration vs. For meatlurgia – ] concentrations below 3. Figure 10 shows the particle size effect on the decomposition rate of the arsenical natrojarosite. The activation energy for the decomposition process in NaOH medium was of Dependence of the conversion period.

Activity coefficients of NaBF 4 in aqueous solution. The induction period is independent from the particle size and decreases exponentially as the temperature increases. The arsenic pollution of water is considered a problem of catastrophic proportions. Alejandro Livingston Bianchi How to cite this article.