In its original edition, Bruce Trigger’s book was the first ever to examine the history of archaeological thought from medieval times to the present in world- wide. 65 period gave the New Archaeology the form that it took? Is there any way to document this? After all, one might consider the Neo-evolutionist thought behind . example, would contain papers contem-. A History of Archaeology Thought ( Second Edition) by Bruce G. Trigger. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

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Social Construction of the Past: His bduce interests at that time included the history of archaeological research and the comparative study of early cultures. History of the Human Sciences, p. British Maglemose harpoon sites.

A History of Archaeological Thought

Science and Romanticism in the American Southwest, burce The Copper Age in South Russia. Uses of the past: In Science, Medicine and Historyed.

Paradigm Lost and Paradigm Gained. New developments in Siberian archaeology. EdinburghJohn Donald. Archaeology and historical materialism: LondonBritish Museum Publications. Early Hydraulic Civilization in Egypt.


Understanding the Archaeological Record Gavin Lucas. Resource Management and Cognitive Structure. In its original edition, Bruce Trigger’s book was the first ever to examine the history of archaeological thought from medieval times to the present in world-wide perspective.

A Study in Romantic Naturalism. Archaeologies of the Greek Past: In the last few chapters, in particular, he tries to find a middle way between hyper-relativists and hyper-positivists, and has pretty strong words for both extremes.

Annual Review of Anthropology 7: The method of multiple working hypotheses. Paperbackpages. Maximization as norm, strategy, and theory: New YorkScribner’s. Archaeology, history, and historical archaeology in South America. History, Methods and Theories. New YorkPenguin.

I don’t feel particularly qualified to write a review about it, as approximately the entirety of everything I know about the history of archaeological thougut is what I learned in this book–I don’t know how to evaluate its content in a way external to it itself. Scotland before the Scots.

The Man and his Work. Historicism, chronology and straw men: References AbbottC. However, with that said Matthew Johnson’s Thougt Theory: The Carnegie Uaxactun Project and the development of Maya archaeology. Chronology of prehistoric Europe: The World Archaeological Congress in India: The Fates of Human Societies.

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A chronological method applicable to the Southeast.

A History of Archaeological Thought : Bruce G. Trigger :

ParisLes Editions Arthaud. A Hundred and Fifty Years of Archaeology. Sarah rated it liked it Sep 26, New YorkMonthly Review Press. Refutation of a Legend. Nationalism and Archaeology in Europe. Archaeology with a capital S. An overview of Peruvian archaeology — Aspects of Vere Gordon Childe.

Although Trigger discusses this discrepancy, readers interested in historic archaeologies might feel that a lot of the issues discussed in this book do not apply to them which is wrongor apply to them in a very different way. A History of Archaeological Thought 3.