The Book of the Courtier has ratings and reviews. Fionnuala said: When I opened this book today to attempt to review it, a bookmark fell out. I. An insider’s view of court life and culture during the Renaissance, ‘The Book of the Courtier’ is the handiwork of a diplomat who was called upon to resolve the. 1 THE BOOK OF THE COURTIER BY COUNT BALDESAR CASTIGLIONE () TRANSLATED FROM THE ITALIAN BY LEONARD ECKSTEIN OPDYCKE.

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I imagine that to complete the book properly — as I have only visited it very briefly many years ago courtjer it would require of me also that I visit Naples. By failing to employ sprezzaturahe destroys his opportunity for grace. Today, it remains the most definitive account of life among the Castiglioone nobility.

The book takes the form of a dialogue set at the court of Urbino in or and carried out over the course of four consecutive evenings; thus it consists of four books, each with its own focus and principal speakers.

Is the read as pleasant as a bagful of kittens?

Moreover, it sets before us the ideals of the Renaissance; and in this way it corrects and complements the picture of how Renaissance men did behave — as drawn, say, by Cellini — with an account of the moral and aesthetic standards to which many of them at least aspired.

Baldassar Castiglione’s is best read as a companion piece to Niccole Machiavelli’s Prince which appeared 10 years earlier. This book won’t read on my Ocurtier very well. The known issue in Don Quixote, is a central part here, but of course, the Knight’s discourse is much more elaborated and convincent.

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Even though the sentences were longer, the word choice and meaning were always precise. Penn State University Press.

Add both to Cart Add both to List. It is the work of a sensitive and intelligent man.

Although, Castiglionne was an Italian his book was quickly translated into French and English. Buy the selected items together This item: It’s useful but it’s way too archaic to keep the reader engaged. Gaspar is shown to be closed-off and extremely prejudiced ov the subject, and his opinions are refuted by the more rational characters involved. Leonard Eckstein Opdycke Translator.

And in many ways, we feel the loss of a certain gentility that was expressed in this book. Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved from ” https: Nonetheless, there are moments in this book which are enlightening, amusing, and very important bkok the understanding of gender relations, religion, culture, and of course literature.

The Book of the Courtier

That was not my interest in going through this, so it was a bit of a slog. Second, how shallow the desired traits were. This book is surprising and entirely charming. Moreover, its political philosophy is of interest for more than historical reasons, for it can be applied by anyone today who works closely with or acts as an advisor to a person with significant decision-making authority, and not just to the Renaissance courtier who undertakes to counsel his prince.

Included in these virtues are grace, health, knowledge of arms, candor, trust, and beauty. In the Book of the Courtisan Castiglionne explains that the art of being a successful advisor to a political leader is a skill that must be learned and the correct methods be always be applied.

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Here the politically-active courtier achieves enough philosophical detachment to be free from the distractions of passionate love that characterise the initial stages of the ascent without having to abandon the affairs of the world, as those at the final stages must necessarily do. So, thanks for the nice influence in Cervantes, but I really can’t say this is as much of a masterpiece as it is made out to be.


Nov 29, Ubiquitousbastard rated it really liked it Shelves: The Prince Dover Thrift Editions. In all of this, however, the golden mean applies and the courtier should not be excessive in anything — well rounded and governed by reason and temperance. In this Platonic dialogue the principal speakers agree that the true ruler must have a specific form of knowledge that enables him to judge rightly and command appropriately.

The Book of the Courtier – Wikipedia

I coourtier recently likened it in a paper to a Castilian work written about two decades earlier: Frequently assigned in university courses on literature, history, and Renaissance studies, the Dover edition of this classic work will be the lowest-priced edition available.

And while I found this book itself rather boring, I find it interesting that the past is so like the present. What would the perfect courtier a person who serves at court look like? Although it is three months since I returned home, and although the other two books have been finished and reviewed months ago, this book has hung on, if When I opened this book today to attempt to review it, a bookmark fell out.