Full colour printed textbook of Automated Ultrasonic Testing for Pipeline Girth Welds for NDT cover. : 3This. The use of ultrasonics to test pipeline girth welds during pipeline today, the use of automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) of girth welds is becoming increasingly. This page book provides an overview of the principles of automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) of girth welds, and explains the many parameters that influence.

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Automated Ultrasonic inspection of Girth Welds in Seamless Pipes with the Olympus PipeWIZARD

Every indication noted on both records was entered onto a database, of a substantial size. The distribution of the types of defect that were produced is illustrated in the table of fig. The length along the weld tends to be longer when measured ultrasonically. If an engineering critical assessment ECA specification were to be used, however, the repair rate was shown to drop substantially, with the potential for significant cost savings.

Their results were then compared with the best of several radiographic inspections. From the weld, ultrasonic data is collected from which the defect sizes and positions can be determined by experienced operators using dedicated software algorithms. AUT developments The early AUT systems used probes to focus beams of ultrasound onto zones along the weld fusion yltrasonic.

atuomated TRIALS The two pipe spools were located with good access and good facilities in terms of comfort — a dry working environment with light, power and water. The objective was to establish the effectiveness of AUT as an adequate alternative to radiography for pipeline construction when using mechanised welding.

However, the approach does allow a good breadth of coverage in the comparison. Three of the eight inspections were conducted using phased array equipment. Pipelnie the PipeWIZARD software, the operator inputs the minimum and maximum possible pipe thicknesses based on tolerances provided by manufacturer.

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When considering the deficiencies of AUT, it should be remembered that RT is by no means a perfect inspection system to compare it with. The interpretation of the radiographs demonstrated that the welding companies had produced gjrth good set of defects in both types of weld and the defects were well distributed around the weld circumferences. To learn more utlrasonic how we use cookies on this website, and how you can restrict our use of cookies, please review our Cookie Policy.


The purchaser is responsible for advising ASNT of any customs regulations pertaining to the order and for supplying all proper customs declaration forms with the order. Details of this will be included in a future publication.

Nearly 90 defects were used; eight inspections from seven companies thus gave a reasonable statistical set of data. Transverse defects are not detected reliably. The possibility of copper being picked up from the copper backing as used in the J-preparation weld was of some concern. Since this technique requires a separate scan of the weld for each setup, it adds significant time and cost because the number of calibration blocks, scans, and data files to analyze are multiplied by pipelinr factor of three.

This has been driven in part by a substantial improvement in the ultrasonic technology and in part by the safety and environmental pipelinf of avoiding the use of ionising radiation for radiography.

Data for every thickness are recorded and easily selected in the software after a single scan of the calibration block or weld. The weld caps were covered with tape to prevent sight of the external defects and the pipe ends were covered to prevent access to see the insides. Automated Ultrasonic Testing for Pipeline Girth Welds This book provides an overview of the principles involved in automated ultrasonic testings of girth welds as well as presents some of the origins and many parameters that influence the results of these inspections.

The results confirmed that very good detection performance is available from AUT systems generically. Several areas of copper, inserted into the weld, were available for study. It was intended to simulate the inclusion of copper, both as copper pickup from the backing bar and also where the welding head copper tip might make contact with the joint.

The two features were included into a set of other, real areas of porosity and the list fed back to each AUT contractor.


Automated Ultrasonic inspection of Girth Welds in Seamless Pipes with the Olympus PipeWIZARD

June wels, Released: The fracture mechanics method needs to be able to handle complex shaped defects to reduce such over-conservatism. An accuracy of better than 1 mm has been cited but it is unlikely to be as good for real defects. For example, with the same specification the repair rates using AUT or RT were shown to be comparable. The start of a defective area was shown to be detected earlier by the AUT in many of the defects that were sectioned e. These welds contained a range of deliberately made defects.

Most importantly, using the PipeWIZARD system requires only a single calibration block and limits the number of scans required to inspect a weld, saving time and money.

The issues surrounding the accuracy of size evaluation and further work needed in this area is discussed. Data collected was interpreted off-site following each test and the reports were then sent to Advantica for comparison against radiographic inspection, which was taken as the standard.

Only one block is used to perform the calibration. The nine welds amounted to 35 metres of weldment. In general, results were obtained which were comparable to radiography in all areas except for isolated pores and inclusions. These are not included in the cost of shipping or handling of your order. They were also re-radiographed and digitised both for the record and as a further check.

To make it easier to inspect pipes with variable thicknesses, the Olympus PipeWIZARD includes a software option that automatically generates additional ultrasonic beams to ensure full coverage of the weld in a single pass.

Each of the internal slots was eventually detected across the board one company did so only on a second attempt. Only unused or defective materials will be considered as returns.

Each configuration is color coded for easy viewing.