The latest Tweets from Aletta Norval (@AlettaNorval). Professor & DVC Education Anglia Ruskin University, PFHEA, expressing personal views. Aletta J. Norval of Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) with expertise in: Foundations of Political Theory, Information Technology and Politics and Political. Memory, identity and the (im) possibility of reconciliation: The work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa. AJ Norval. Constellations 5 (2).

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Practices of Citizenization and Democratic Claim-making more. More recently, she has worked on biometrics, focussing on issues of citizen consent to identity management techniques. PhilosophyApplied Ethicsand Political Science.

Discourse theory and political analysis, The scientification of identity: Progress in Human Geography. Chantal Mouffe topic Chantal Mouffe French: Aletta is a Dutch feminine given name, related to Alida, Adelheid and Adelaide.

As a result, academia approached it critically as a technology stripping citizenship of its racial, cultural and ethnic attributes turning it into an instrument for controlling mobility Muller,especially in settings such as airports, Amoore, ; Bigo, and as a set of techniques governing people in the same way as criminals Agamben, ; Magnet, Challenging surveillance in the biometric state more.


Biometrics are not just technological objects; they are inherently political as they already challenge contextual integrity as a principle safeguarding privacy Nissenbaum, This article may rely excessively on sources too closely associated with the subjectpotentially preventing the article from being verifiable and neutral. Reinventing the Politics of Cultural Recognition: Education and academic career Stavrakakis was born in Sheffield, UK.

A Reader and Guide and Democracy and Pluralism. We examine this process by analysing the controversy triggered by the use of face recognition software in Facebook as a tool for photo management.

Norval has authored and co-edited many books and has published numerous articles in journals such as: A quarter of a century of industrial progress in South Africa more.

Aletta Norval | University of Essex –

The birth of the present and the reworking of history A Norval Journal of Southern African Studies 25 3, The Construction and Crisis of Apartheid Hegemony more. Cambridge University Press Publication Date: Help Center Find new research papers in: Initially referring only to a paramilitary group, it soon became shorthand for the movement as a whole.

In addition to traditional uses for border control and policing, biometrics are now entering the realm alwtta everyday life through a variety of devices ranging from laptops, cars and potentially kitchen appliances. The organisation grew in the context of South African resistance to war, at the time of Apartheid.


Aletta Norval

Her other research interests include feminist theory, South-African politics, ethnicity and the politics of race. Scoping the future of identity management more.

Our focus is on norvao and industry discourses framing the uses of biometrics, People with the name include: ABSTRACT In this paper we explore how biometrics is reshaping identification techniques and processes from a practice for transacting with the state into a frequent, mundane activity of everyday life. Mechanisms and relations A Abbott Sociologica 1 2, Inheritance and Originality in the Democratic Tradition.

Member feedback about Essex School of discourse analysis: For example, in there were COs serving sentences in military detention barracks. Member feedback about Conscientious Objector Support Group: The following alettz are merged in Scholar.