Explore Aerogel with Free Download of Seminar Report and PPT in PDF and DOC Format. Also Explore the Seminar Topics Paper on Aerogel. Aerogel, an introduction The gel is used to get aerogel. It is very light and porous. Here the gas is used in place of the liquid part of the gel. Fourth International Seminar on AEROGELS Aerogels are a fascinating class of nanoporous materials that exhibit a wide array of.

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We welcome contributions on any and all topics related to aerogels including synthesis, characterization, and applications in various fields. Gels prepared in this way are known as “two-step” acid-base catalyzed gels.

This happens when you make Jell-O, or a silica gel. Hydrolyzing TMOS in a solution of methanol produced a gel in one step called an “alcogel”.

This directly lead to one of the major advances in aerogel science, namely the application of sol-gel chemistry to silica aerogel preparation. Rreport related processes, such as energy storage, catalysis, and desalination typically utilize high surface area electrodes that possess macro- and werogel. In this work, aerogrl mechanical properties of silica aerogels have been studied with Molecular dynamics MD simulations.

All pure substances that do not otherwise decompose possess a critical point, a specific temperature and specific pressure characteristic of that substance at which its liquid and gaseous phases become indistinguishable. By immobilizing them, we were able to use both water-insoluble porphyrin derivatives in an aqueous medium. What remains when the liquid part of an alcogel is removed by evaporation, or similar methods.

With the use of aerogel in the Sojourner Mars rover, in the Star Aergel spacecraft, and in the hundreds of other possible products and applications, the “unobtainium” once only dreamed about may finally seminzr just around the corner.

This work focuses on applying sol-gel method into a modification of polypropylene fibrous filters, produced by melt-blown technology. The liquid and solid parts of an alcogel occupy the same apparent volume. Transparent aerogels, together with their exceptional thermal insulation ability, have been considered for use as super-insulating sheets in double repott window systems because help considerably to reduce thermal losses in windows.

Aerogel | Seminar Report, PPT, PDF for Mechanical

The cost of the chemicals is estimated with implication for a future economical deminar of aerogels. Carbon aerogels are promising materials to be used as cathode matrix for lithium-sulfur batteries.


Aerogels may also have acoustic and mechanical applications. Supercritical drying, which requires high pressures, increases the initial capital expenditure for the production facility.

They exhibit high specific surface areas and electrically conductive. Although aerogel looks like it could float away, it has very high compression strength.

Aerogel Seminar Report PDF

Kistler then discovered the key aspect of aerogel production: As the critical point draws near, the pressure in the container squeezes molecules in the vapor close enough together that the vapor becomes almost as dense as a liquid.

The result is an open porous material with a backbone morphology that can be modeled in terms of three dimensionally interconnected strings of nanoscopic pearls.

Evaporation causes severe damage to the gel and will lead to poor quality aerogels. Colloids are different from homogeneous solutions, in which a substance is dissolved or mixed with another substance and aerohel not separate out, in that the components of colloids are nanoparticles or macromolecules giant moleculestypically with a length or diameter ranging from a few nm to several hundred nm in diameter.

Repogt have also been proposed as a shock absorbing material. The following applications for aerogels are associated with certain properties of aerogel materials. That’s the primary reason aerogel was used as insulation on the Sojourner Mars rover in A list of all accepted contribution can be found here: An example of a sol is black inkjet ink carbon black dispersed in water.

The term sol-gel is sometimes used aerogeel a noun to refer to gels made through the sol-gel process, but this is somewhat of an abuse of the term, since pretty much all gels are made through the sol-gel process. The latter is an example of an alkoxide, the class of precursors most widely used in sol-gel research.

An aerogel results from a supercritical drying process. One recent effort to produce new metal aerogels has proven uniquely successful at producing metal aerogels to the desired specifications. What remains when the liquid part of an alcogel is removed without damaging the solid part most often achieved by supercritical extraction. The liquid and solid parts of a gel occupy the same apparent volume. In this presentation a review of the thermal properties of bio-aerogels will be made.


The surface tension of water is what allows water aerigel to walk on the surface of water. Under ambient conditions, seminsr the evaporation of the solvent, a liquid-vapor interface is formed within the pores of the gel.

Knudsen pumps rely on a thermal gradient across an insulating, porous material to drive the flow of gas molecules from the cold to the hot side of the membrane.

Determined using ultrasonic methods. Based on these results a simplified model of the supercritical drying process is proposed. Importantly, it is the solvent exchange into liquid carbon dioxide, which has a relatively low density of 0.

Considering the huge global demand for high-performance insulation materials, cellulose as abundant and easily accessible biopolymer would be a highly desired source material in this regard. We also used two model drugs, diclofenac sodium and indomethacin, respectively in order to obtain final drug loaded coatings for local drug delivery.

The aerogels of different densities were obtained by varying the refluxing time R t of silica sol aergoel 3 to 15 h, with low densities for larger R t values.

All have small nm reporg particles that are generally spherical or egg-shaped. Polyurethane aerogels are produced from the reaction between polyols and poly-isocyanates.

The gel is soaked in a pure organic solvent several times over the course of several days to remove the water from its pores. In this work, we present the synthesis and characterization of synthetic polymer aerogels based on dendritic-type urethane-acrylate monomers. The pile then collapses back to fill in the gap from where you pulled out the magnet and pulls the flimsy sheet metal walls of the pores inwards. In this process, a cross-linked polymer solution, such as swminar molecular weight polyethylene gel solution, is drained on a high speed spinning disc, to spray gel fibers on a collection vessel, which moves up and down with a computer control and motion sensors.

Several hotels of various comfort and prices are available on walking distance from conference location. It is believed that Kistler’s interest was stimulated by a friendly wager with fellow worker Charles Learned.