A Tiger for Malgudi has ratings and 98 reviews. Petra X said: There is a tiger underneath the desk. The headmaster and the deputy are going to call. R. K. NARAYAN A TIGER FOR MALGUDI PENGUIN BOOKS PENGUIN BOOKS Published by the Penguin Group Penguin Books Ltd, 27 Wrights Lane, London. A Tiger for Malgudi [RK Narayan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. R. K. Narayan’s magnificent new novel is about a tigerpossessed of the.

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But it was so lifelike, I was deceived. In this, short novel. A majestic tiger, a beautiful village of Malgudi, a satanic circus runner and a profound sage, all in this wonderful fable of Raja the Magnificent!

It looked like poison to me.

Captain looked particularly happy and ordered an extra ration for all the animals every day. What did he mean by bothering me like this, forcing me to do some obscure act? With her back to me she was watching the herd in the meadow. At such times the front portion of the carriage rested on the ground, and the floor sloped forward and 1 kept sliding down, with the remains of the goat flowing over me.

I learnt later that they were obliged to laugh at tigdr jokes, being his subordinates. Bars of iron, unbending and perpetually pressing against one’s face.

I kept my abode constantly changing. I too caught the atmosphere and enjoyed showing off my talent.

A Tiger for Malgudi and the Man-Eater of Malgudi

One of the weakest works of Narayan, and still enjoyable. When the applause subsided, Captain came forward and said, “Sorry, gentlemen, no encore is practical for this particular act, nor am I in a position to ask Raja to take the bow personally.


There seemed to be an eerie indestructibility about the goat and the pan of milk.

The leopard couple sang this fable every time I passed by, a monotonous silly song; I would have put an end to their song if I could have seen where they were – they were mostly unseen, and just streaked away like lightning when glimpsed.

But this lady surprised me by throwing me off her back with a jerk. Jungle creatures are more alert and elusive than the village cattle, stupid creatures which could never anticipate danger even when passing under my chin while I crouched on a rock. Any book that’s got animal in it and if it’s a touching and beautiful story, it will certainly be given high rating by me.

A Tiger for Malgudi

Who gave them licence? I came out of my hiding place behind the well and prowled around. His marketing acumen, especially how he anticipates the problems and doles out the solutions to them, in his deals with the officials he comes up against, is exemplary. You need not fear; he has only the appearance of a tiger, but he is not one – inside he is no different from you and me. figer

A Tiger for Malgudi Summary –

He would just state what he wanted done and then tell his staff to achieve it in practical terms. I felt strangely uncomfortable to be moving without the use tifer my legs!

The jackal, as always attracted by the smell of blood, was there as if summoned, hiding behind a thicket of thorns; he made his presence felt, and mumbled some advice, which was lost in the uproar the lady was creating as she returned for the attack and knocked me off my feet by ramming into me.


Monkeys belong to a more advanced group. A human being may look small, without prominent teeth or claws, but he is endowed with some strange power, which can manoeuvre a tiger or an fo as if they were toys. With a larger animal, I had to keep the kill for a second meal, and that always betrayed my presence, since it attracts the wretches who trailed me for scraps and leavings.

Oct 25, Ashwani Gaur rated malguudi liked it. K A venerable tiger, old and toothless now, looks back over his life from cubhood and early days roaming wild in the Indian jungle. The submissive nature of villagers still exists owning to the ignorance regarding the matter. A Tiger for Malgudi is a novel by R. After days, how many I didn’t know and could not reckon, we came to a stop. The ridiculous pompousness of the Shikhari Alphonse is annoying enough to predict the flat outcome of his supposed heroism.

I wished I could also go about like him. Captain rose at five in the morning and went on a tour of inspection.